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What should I do about it? Or, shouldn't I worry about it at all?

Posted by cyndi

 had a Mediport put into the right upper side of my chest a few months ago for my IVIG Infusions.  On Saturday my daughter's dog jumped up and scratched my port area...I didn't think much about it...I put a hot wash cloth on it when it hurt and forgot about it.  Tuesday afternoon I noticed that my whole right side of my chest went numb.  Not sure if it's from the dog scratching the port or not.  But it's totally numb in my chest and faintly numb into my neck into my chin area.  Today is Thursday and it still is there and hasn't subsided at all.  My Infustion nurse called today about scheduling my IVIG's every other week and I told her.  She said that I may need to go to the place where I had the port installed and have a port study done.   She said she'll check it for a blood return when she comes next week.  I'm worried because I've had lots of numbness before with the MS Symptoms, etc...but because it's where my port is located I'm concerned that something may have come loose.  Also at my neck I've noticed a hard lump like a vein (but it's not a vein) and it's not on the other side of my neck either.  Not sure if that's also part of the port...never saw that before.  

My husband just started a new job and can't take off of work for me at ALL!  I can't drive and have absolutely no way to get anywhere...not sure what to do.

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