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What I have learned from Poll Results and Updates

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:25pm

Well, the results are in from this last weeks "Polls of the Week" and here is what I learned.

I think the most interesting and depressing poll result is that 38% of the poll takers it took 10+ years to get a diagnosis. I am so sad to hear that and I am also angered that my fellow MS'ers had to wait that long, wondering day to day what was wrong with them, until they got the diagnosis. How horrible. I know MS can be hard to diagnose. However, I know how hard the 6 months were for me and I can't imagine how you felt waiting 10+ years or even 11% of you that had to wait 2+ years.

I don't think I was too surprised at the result of how many Neurologists we all had to go through to find one that either was able to diagnose the MS or found one that you felt comfortable working with. I think it is so important to have a Neurologist that you feel comfortable with because you have to be able to trust them with all of your treatments and basically your future rests in their hands. So I will also add my other input and that is... If you are not comfortable with the Neuro that you are working with find another one or don't feel uncomfortable asking for another opinion.

As for the biggest lifestyle change... Vitamins and Supplements wins the prize. I know that it has taken until last year before I started to turn towards Vitamins and Supplements. I have never been a pill popper or vitamin taker. However, just like all of you... The pill popping happens real quick with MS. I have some very good friends of mine that sell USANA and they paid for my entire family to use the vitamins and supplements. It is not new news to all of you that last year was a very rough year for us. Not only was I still really suffering with the MS being uncontrolable but my youngest son was also dx. with an extremely rare autoimmune disorder that attacked his skin. Long story. but within about a month my middle son was diagnosed with being Anemic and within a few weeks my oldest daughter was in a severe car accident. Anyways long story short. Our very good friends paid for our entire family to take the vitamins and supplements. We all saw drastic changes and improvements in all of us. I know how expensive the USANA is and as much as I appreciated it I felt horrible allowing them to continue buying them for us. We all stopped and some of the problems returned. We have now started to purchase vitamins and supplements at the GNC. Probably not as good as USANA but we are seeing improvements again. I have been keeping you posted on that. Of course right now I am struggling with having to change my diet and cutting down on smoking all at the same time. I do have my appointment this Thursday with the GI doctor and hopefully some problems might be relieved in the near future.

As for Accepting MS.... The poll showed most of us accept having Multiple Sclerosis SOME DAYS. I don't think that is abnormal at all. When you are doing good (which means at least what is a so called good day with MS) it is much easier to accept the disease. When we are having our very bad days or even just a bad day that makes us miss out on doing something we were looking forward to or keeps us stuck in bed. It is very hard to say that we ACCEPT what this disease does to us. This disease has control over us and that is very hard to accept.

I want to thank everyone for participating and I will be posting the new poll of the week in a few days. Still waiting for 1 or 2 more questions. So please feel free to give me a suggestion of something that you would like to know.

UPDATES..... Not much to update you on at the moment. Oh and for those of you wondering about how I am doing on my phases of quitting smoking. I have not picked a date but I have tried making it a point to cut down. I was at a pack a day and I have been staying between 10-14 a day. Of course I have had bad days but I just pick back up again the next day and start all over. I have the appointment on Thursday and will keep you posted on that.
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