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What Does MS = To You?

Posted Mar 13 2011 11:58pm

image March 14-20 is "MS Awareness Week", and the NMSS has sponsored a "MS =" program ( click here ), asking folks to describe what MS means to them in 60 characters or less.

Here's my go at it.


· Weapon of Mass Destruction (of course).

· Watch Me Deteriorate.

· Withering Muscles Disobey.

· Waves of Money for Druggists.

· Way too Many Doctors.

· Waylaid by My Destiny.

· Waning Memory Disappears.

· Why Me, Dammit?

· Weight of Monstrous Desperation.

· Walking, My Desire.

· Wretched, Miserable Diagnosis.

· Wishing Makes no Difference.

· Waiting for More Disability.

· Wrecking My Dreams.

· Weakening More Daily.

· Wisdom of Mindful Defiance.

· Wanting More Defenses.

· Whip My Disease!

· White Matter Demolition.

· Where is My Deliverance?

· Welcome to the Minority of the Disabled.

· Willfulness Massacres Despair

· Wellness Merits Determination

Okay, that's a start. Let's make this an interactive activity. Please contribute your own "MS =" using words with the first letters W, M, and D in the comments section, and I'll add it to the list, with an attribution to your screen name. It will be like a regular Wheelchair Kamikaze funfest, except, you know, MS isn't really all that much fun…

· When Myelin Dies (submitted by Judy)

· Why My Dearest? (submitted by Debra, caregiver)

· i Want My Damn life back (submitted by Cutter)

· What, Me Disabled? (submitted by Corey, my brother)

· Winging My Diagnosis (submitted by YankeeQuilter)

· Will Make Do (submitted by Team)

· Wishing Makes Despair (submitted by Dabble and the Mad Sow)

· Wanting More, Dammit (submitted by Dabble and the Mad Sow)

· Waiting for More Direction (submitted by Kim)

· Wishing Me was Desirable (submitted by Kim)

· Waning Muscles Decrease (submitted by Kim)

· Walking Made Difficult (submitted by Nicole)

· Wife, Mother Destroyed (submitted by Tam D)

· Why MS Discrimination-in regards to CCSVI (submitted by Carol)

· Watch Me Deteriorate (submitted by Roberta)

· While Men Debate (submitted by Roberta)

· Why Me, Dieu? (submitted by Roberta)

· Will Medicine Deliver? (submitted by Roberta)

· Will Miracles Develop? (submitted by Roberta)

· Watch… Muse… Dream (submitted by Roberta)

· Watching Michael Dake-noted CCSVI researcher (submitted by Anonymous)

· Who, Me Doomed? (submitted by Scott)

· Where's My Dexterity? (submitted by Scott)

· What's My Destiny? (submitted by Scott)

· What, Me Depressed? (submitted by Scott)

· When My Dog helps (submitted by MSbeyondmeds)

· What a Miserable Disease (submitted by Gina)

· Why Me, Dear God? (submitted by Heidi)

· Watch Me Decline (submitted by Heidi)

· Why I Mess up Daily (submitted by Heidi)

· When Muscles Degenerate (submitted by Heidi)

· Will be My Day (submitted by Jamie)

· Whipping My Diagnosis (submitted by Jamie)

· Whispering Medical Dungeon (submitted by Jamie)

· Winning May be Differential thinking (submitted by Jamie)

· Will Master my Disease (submitted by Jamie)

· Waxing My Dependence (submitted by Carolyn)

· Wise Mind Developing (submitted by LauraX)

· Women <, Men >, Disability + (submitted by Cindy)

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