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What do you think of the New Procedure called CCSVI? I have heard so much good about it. I might be going for procedure within

Posted by MSHelpOnePersonataTime

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Thank you so much.  I actually got Insurance clearance today so next is the testing before procedure.

My next question now is, I was told that they hesitate to you use the stents because they cannot retrieve them.  I was prepared to tell the Dr. No Stents for me.  My Ms is more fatigue, pseu-bulbar, tingling, cognitive, burning But I can walk and work full-time.  Although, I come home and get in bed, and I used to be always on the run doing THINGS  always active. So question is "What about stents, n were you RR or Progressive?  Do you think it has to do with how small the veins are or degree of disability?  Thanks  Bonnie Green

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