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what do i take for multiple sclerosis

Posted by lisa

I am taking the Avonex and I always will..........but now want to chase it with a holistic remedy.  What do you recommend?  I am a remitten M.S. lady and I am 45.  I was diagnosed seven years ago.  I am feeling at this time that I am having a small flare up in my left hand up through my arm.  A bit of numbness........ever so slight but noticeable.  Lisa
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Hi Lisa!! I am sorry you are going through a flare right now. I feel your pain, as I am going through the same. I know you are looking for a more natural way to treat the symptoms and/or flare up you are going through, however, due to medications and our disease you really do need to check with your Dr before trying or adding anything new to your regime. With an Autoimmune disease, people will recomend treatment options that sometimes are absolutely the opposite of what you should take. For example, lets say you had a cold. The first thing people recommend is Eccinecia (?sp) but for someone with MS. We have an over active immune system and Eccinecia boosts the immune system. So by taking this one minor treatment does just the opposite of what we need. We need our immune system to slow down. Hence, when having an exacerbation, we are treated with I.V. Steroids. That is to basically kill our immune system or lower it drastically. I hope this makes sense to you and if someone suggests something to you, PLEASE check with your Neurologist before taking it.

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