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What could this vibration feeling in my toe be?

Posted by ekmccart4419

It feels like there is a cell phone vibrating in my second toe on my right foot.  My dad has MS.  I am a 21 yr old female.  It goes on and off randomly almost pulse like.  I have had it in my heel before on the other foot and in my knee on the other leg as well.  I am under a lot of stress/anxiety and drank the night before it started so I didn't know if it was just a muscle twitch or not.  I am very scared that I might get MS.  What could this feeling be?  I am a runner--I ran two miles today, but the vibration started before that.  I haven't had any problems with vertigo/fatigue/balance/gait, etc.

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I sent an answer to this (I am sure this was a mistaken double post!)
*good luck* 
I wanna know the answer to.. my big toe is driving me crazy the last few days... HELP!! I have no diabetes..
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