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What CCSVI Treatment Meant to one MS patient and current cost for treatment in Poland

Posted Feb 27 2010 12:00am 4 Comments
Information found here, posted on February 27, 2010

Steven Simonyi-Gindele's wife Ruth had the CCSVI diagnosis in Poland from Dr Simka and the Liberation treatment from Dr. Ludyga on December 29, 2009. Steven says "Dr. Ludyga and Dr. Simka are careful, skillful, caring specialists. They are using the latest equipment in ultra modern facilities. We were treated first class both medically and were shown great hospitality no pun intended. The Liberation treatment is the best investment we ever made. We remain ever so grateful to Dr. Simka and Dr. Ludyga. We continue to pray for them. Ruth has lost the horrible constant tiredness and is becoming more like her old self. I feel that a huge burden that I did not know that I was carrying, has been lifted."
Write Steven if you want to know more.
Or leave a comment in the field found below this blog posting. If you want to be contacted directly, you must leave your name and email address.


See below for the Current pricing found in Poland for Treatment.
Remember that the pricing is based on the EURO


The current fee is €6900, but now includes hotel and more..:

"Since 25th January 2010 the costs will amount to:
- 6 900 euro : angioplasty with stenting – 1 stent (if more than one stent is placed, each additional stent costs 500 euro)
- 6 400 euro : angioplasty

The price includes:
- Vascular surgeon/angiologist consultation
- Color Doppler ultrasound examination
- MRI examination
- Endovascular procedure (angioplasty or stenting)
- introductory consultation with the leading doctor
- 5-night stay in 4-star hotel (breakfast included)
- Transportation to the examination and procedure facilities (Doppler, MRI, surgery)
- Transportation from/to Pyrzowice (Katowice) or Balice (Kraków) Airport
- EuroMedic personnel assist during your stay
- telephone hot-line assistance

- If for medical reasons angioplasty or stenting cannot be performed the package price amounts to:
- 2 700 euro : Full diagnostics with phlebography
1 800 euro : color Doppler ultrasound and MRI examination"

from the letter of Tomasz Ludyga, Director of EuroMedic


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Comments (4)
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Does anyone have contact details for the CCSVI treatment in Poland?

Cheers Ian - 


Hello my name is Mike Grunerud, Box 2113 Battleford, Sask.  I have M.S. and was trying to find out, how I go about getting more information on the Surgery in Poland, and when I could get in to complete same. 

Please contact me with the information  thank you in advance.

Mike Grunerud (

First , Allow me to say that I will not be so quick to allow anybody to cut into my neck for something which we ( at this point) do not know much about. Sure it would be great if we knew 100% that this procedure works. But we really don't. We only have the word of a doctor who claims that it cured his wife.


Much similar to those who tried bee stings when that information first broke several years ago or for those who tried Procarin, becoming gluten-free, got suckered into Mona Vie or recently spent thousands on Stem Cell therapy, each "definitive cure" turned out to not be a cure..

I will wait 2-3 years to see what comes of all those currently jumping onto this rising bandwagon, To see how they will feel in months to come..

Is the wave of feeling better just a Placebo effect or is it really a cure?

Stay tuned to see and hear how these people being ballooned or stented now, will feel in 9 months to a year from now...

Meanwhile, keep informed and up to date with MS News and Information, when registered at my website:

- thank you 

Best Regards,

Stuart Schlossman- RRMS 

does anyone   have any contact info. on the treatments in poland.


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