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What bothers me most

Posted Oct 28 2010 12:14pm
I was diagnosed with MS over Christmas break of my senior year in college in 1980. I became a fanatic about exercise, changed my diet, and take about 30 pills a day (a mix of OTC, herbs, vitamins, and prescriptions). I finished college, grad school, got married, have children. Like all with MS I have had my ups and downs, but overall I feel lucky. I have always known it could be so much worse. People say to me "you must have a mild case". They don't know about the bladder spasms, botox injections, IV steroid infusions, physical therapy, injections, IVIG, et cetera. We all know that with this disease we write our own course. Why one person has frequent severe relapses and another goes years without obvious progression is unknown to the experts, let alone the rest of us. I still find it bothers me when people think having MS is no big deal. They can't see the issues that 30 years of this disease have caused, and of course I don't want them to. I just wish you could make someone understand that MS is life changing, and that is a big deal.
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