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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Let’s Resolve to Get Healthy!

Posted Dec 30 2012 10:09pm

WATER_BUG_RoachThere is a water bug living in my bathroom. It is larger and more grotesque than any bug should have any right to be.

For a few days, I refused to go in there. Instead, I chose to walk to the bathroom on the other side of the apartment, where I keep the litter box, to enjoy the scent of fresh cat poop while I relieve myself. After a few days of this, I realized that I could open my bathroom door, turn the light on, and wait a moment for Mr. Bug to scurry under the bathmat, then proceed as if all was normal. However, it was never quite like normal, because I always knew it was under there. Those long antennae. Those repugnant little legs.

Then, after some time had passed and I hadn’t seen it, I began to let my guard down. I imagined it crawling down my shower drain and entering some other poor neighbor’s apartment, leaving my place alone. I started turning the lights on at the same time as walking into the bathroom, no more waiting for said creature to run and hide. There remained no evidence of it. I was free. Hallelujah!

Then, last night at 1 a.m., I got up to pee and looked in the mirror, just to see how crazy my hair looked. And what did I see instead? Mr. Bug, in the reflection, brazenly hanging out on the shower wall behind me. I didn’t mean to react so intensely, and I’m glad you didn’t see it, but I jumped as the terror surged through my veins.

red_knee_tarantulaI was immediately reminded of a documentary I saw just after being diagnosed with MS, about a woman who likened her illness to a tarantula. She said, the goal is to keep the spider in the corner of the room. As long as it’s in the corner, you’re okay. It’s when it crawls into the middle of the room that you’re in trouble. That’s when you’ve gotta deal with it.

I always thought this was a noteworthy perspective, because it says so much about human nature. As long as we’re not too uncomfortable, there’s no need to exert any effort to make any changes. What’s a little numbness and tingling? What’s a little limp, as long as you can walk? What’s the big deal about a reprehensible water bug, as long as it stays under the mat so I can’t see it? Right?

But the problem with this way of thinking, of course, is that one day you’ll walk into your bathroom in the middle of the night, all devil-may-care, thinking you’re safe, and there it is. That damn bug. Back when you least expected it. Why? Because you never got rid of it in the first place. You were just in denial. You just forgot about it because it was hanging out in the corner.

But when the tarantula crawls into the center of the room, it’s a little late to start seeking solutions, because that’s when we’re in crisis. That’s when we don’t have time to strategically and intentionally hatch a plan to remove the spider, because it’s right there, looking right at us with its hairy legs and demonic ways.

So maybe on this New Year’s, we can resolve to address our illness even if it’s NOT in the center of the room right now, so that we don’t go into crisis when it decides to finally come out and play. Let’s take massive action this year to get healthy. Let’s commit to our diets and to our various healing efforts, and to power of our intention to get healthy, one way or another.

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