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To long for peace <~ HEY, This is a new entry....

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Main Entry:4long
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): longed; long·ing /'lo[ng]-i[ng]/
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English langian; akin to Old High German langEn to long, Old English lang long
: to feel a strong desire or craving especially for something not likely to be attained
- long·er /'lo[ng]-&r/ noun
LONG,YEARN,HANKER,PINE,HUNGER,THIRSTmean to have a strong desire for something.LONGimplies a wishing with one's whole heart and often a striving to attain . YEARN suggests an eager, restless, or painful longing . HANKER suggests the uneasy promptings of unsatisfied appetite or desire . PINE implies a languishing or a fruitless longing for what is impossible . HUNGER and THIRST imply an insistent or impatient craving or a compelling need .

In order to ensure our survival as a species, God has placed a longing, a special desire for more.

A secret need filled only by that thing called peace.

Many cultures crave it. Most cultures seek it.

Our human natures are defined by our longings or our lack of longings.

Where do we fit into now?

Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

Will we make a difference?

In fact, I myself do not long to make a difference in this world but to leave it better than I found it. If I leave this world with a bit more love, then I will have lived well. If people can say of my life: Now, there was a woman who knew how to love. Then I feel I will have done what God sends us all to do.

Hating is easy.

Hating is human.

Bitterness is basic and evil.

But loving requires more of everything and less of self.

Again I find myself pondering the basic new commandment:

Love God, love everyone else.

In doing this simple thing, focusing on those two things, we take our eyes off of ourselves and that is where the growth begins.

Self absorption can be self defeating. My real goal in life is about other people. My fascination is with what YOU are about. What makes your heart beat faster, what brings you peace and what calms your soul?

LONGimplies a wishing with one's whole heart and often a striving to attain .

Wishing for your happiness, may God whisper to you just what you need today.
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