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Through an innovative procedure we were able to completely re-open his occluded artery

Posted Jul 23 2010 12:00am
I Received this message this morning from my Mom who received it from a Hadassah contact ...

After reading what is shown below, you may be in awe as to how it relates to what we know as CCSVI

Dear Friends,

I couldn’t leave for Convention without sharing this wonderful story I heard from Prof. Jose Cohen, Director of our Endovascular Neurosurgery and Invasive Neuroradiology Unit.

Just after Shabbat ended last week, family members rushed their 65-year-old father (we’ll call him Yair) to the Judy and Sidney Swartz Center for Emergency Medicine. They said his speech had suddenly become garbled and he was experiencing weakness on the right side of his body.

It was all so sudden, they said. The family was sitting around the Shabbat table, enjoying their meal and talking about the daughter’s upcoming wedding when suddenly Yair started slurring his words, sounding confused. At first everyone laughed, but they quickly realized that Yair was really having difficulty speaking properly. As soon as they arrived in the CEM, neurologists immediately evaluated him and performed a CT. It revealed that there was a severe blockage in one of the main arteries that supplies blood to the brain – most certainly the cause of Yair’s difficulty in speaking and physical weakness.

Yair was immediately transferred to the Invasive Neuroradiology Laboratory. “Through an innovative procedure we were able to completely re-open his occluded artery,” Prof Cohen explained. “We used a stent as a kind of ‘micro-hand’ to capture the clot, allowing us to remove it from the artery. The procedure was completely successful,” Prof. Cohen continued. “Yair woke up the next morning with no neurological damage whatsoever. He could speak fluently and move his limbs freely. The family was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop thanking us and everyone they encountered at Hadassah. They were so happy Yair was well and they didn’t have to cancel next month’s wedding. In fact, they were so grateful they even invited me to come.”

Hadassah is a leader in the field of endovascular neurosurgery in Israel and the entire Middle East. Under Prof. Cohen’s leadership, our Endovascular Neurosurgical team has pioneered endovascular therapies for stroke in Israel, some of them involving the use of clot retrievers.  The revolutionary use of stents as ‘clot-catchers’ significantly improves how Hadassah handles major strokes for patients of all ages, which is why Hadassah is the Israeli leader in treating acute strokes. Yair’s case – and others – will be published soon in a prominent medical journal. Yair was the seventh patient this month to undergo this innovative procedure

Time and time again, Hadassah’s dedicated teams set new benchmarks devising and integrating sophisticated lifesaving treatments that are admired and emulated  – in Israel  and around the world.

Yair and his grateful family are gearing up for the wedding in good health, Hadassah and Prof. Cohen did more than save his life – they saved their world.

Thank you all for helping to make this happen.

Shabbat Shalom,


Osnat Moskowitz
Development, Donors & Events Dept.
Hadassah Medical Organization
Phone: +972-2-677-6019
Cell:    + 972-50-7874130
Fax:     +972-2-643-0934


Makes you wonder, no ??


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