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This month, CCSVI exploded onto the MS radar screen

Posted Feb 16 2010 12:00am
written by Wheelchair Kamikaze

CCSVI shows success...

This month, CCSVI exploded onto the MS radar screen, as the Canadian news media picked up on the story and the University at Buffalo released positive results from the preliminary stage of its ongoing imaging study (click here for more info). While the news that Multiple Sclerosis may in fact be of vascular origin has the potential to fundamentally change our understanding of the disease, the CCSVI story contains other vital lessons and implications for patients, researchers, and doctors alike.

Only 10 months ago, the buzz about CCSVI was barely a murmur. The research of Dr. Paolo Zamboni, founder of the CCSVI theory, was largely unknown, and the concept that MS might be a vascular disease would have been given short shrift by the vast majority of MS researchers and physicians. Remarkably, due to the efforts of a very small group of activist patients, led by the wife of an MS sufferer in California, that quiet murmur has grown into a tremendous roar, and rather than scoffing, even the most skeptical physicians are now being forced to take notice.

The uphill battle to get CCSVI serious attention was truly a grassroots effort, spurred on by patients and their loved ones desperate to find answers that mainstream medicine has been unable to provide. The story of CCSVI is one not only of scientific innovation and medical insight, but also that of the growing discontent that the MS community feels for the current state of MS treatments and therapies. To put it bluntly, the MS the status quo just ain't cutting it.

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