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Things that Get Better with Time

Posted Jun 16 2008 6:12pm

Last week, I was stuck in an MRI machine for nearly 2 ½ hours. Add in undressing and dressing time and I spent close to three hours away from the office and regular life, focusing on new pictures of my brain and spine. During the first hour of“clank, clank, bam, bang, whirrrr, please don’t breathe, please don’t move, please don’t blink”,I realized that my MRI’s are getting easier over time. At one point, I giggled out loud as I made a mental list of items that only seemed to get better over time.

Sex. Enough said. While it’s good sometimes and perhaps a struggle during others, it really does only get better over time and with practice. I feel bad for today’s youth who rush into the world of sex only to be sadly disappointed when fireworks don’t explode in the sky. As with so many things, I know they’ll learn that some things only improve with time and with age and with experience. Too bad we can’t convince them before they have to find out the sorry truth by themselves.

Apple pie crust. I remember one of the first ones I tried to make from scratch. I was in my early twenties. My dad stopped at my apartment to visit me and looked at me quizzically as I held a pie plate below the island in my kitchen and attempted to slide a patched pie crust off of the island and onto the center of the plate. Of course it careened onto the floor instead. (Later my mom showed me the trick of folding the crust into fours and then unfolding it once it was in the plate). These days, I can craft them in my sleep and they’re much better than early experiments.

Driving. I have now experienced participating in the driver’s training of three teenagers. My youngest step-child seems to have taken to driving perhaps better than both of her older siblings. She seems more relaxed, more willing to accept feedback.  Perhaps I’m just more skilled at breathing instead of sucking all the air out of the moving car, gripping the door handle, and pressing the imaginary brake on the passenger side of the car.

Text-messaging. When I first ventured into the world of texting, I wrote in complete sentences, used proper capitalization and absolutely refused to use the abbreviations that today’s “kids” resort to when non-verbally chatting with friends. IMHO that’s nuts. 4COL, 2much time & is 2hard2type with just 1 hand. Pls! L8tr.(Translation: In my humble opinion that’s nuts. For crying out loud, it takes too much time and is too hard to type with just one hand. Please! Later!).However, I’m still rather unskilled at texting. My fifty-plus co-worker puts me to shame and has said I need to take a class to better develop the skill. All in good time.

Wine. When I was younger I used to drink alcohol with a purpose. Now I drink alcohol, particularly a good wine, to enjoy the experience. Wine improves over time and so does wine connoisseurship.

Good Friends. As a youth I thought everyone was my friend. I learned the hard way the difference between acquaintances and friends, and worse, enemies and friends.  I heard an interesting definition of ‘friend’ on NPR, as folks described presumptive candidate for President Barack Obama and his friendship with Israel. The individual described a friend as a person who will be completely trustworthy while providing you with complete and utter honesty. I like that definition. Last Saturday I learned that true friends do come over time as my entire clan of buddies planned and delivered a surprise 40thbash for me (beginning at 6 PM since they know how early my bedtime is these days). At one time I would refer to these good people as “the hubby’s friends.” Now I truly call them MY friends too. Finding true friends. 










Once again, all in good time.

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