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The Healthiest Person You Know: Part 3 of Changing Your Beliefs

Posted May 25 2010 3:45pm

Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa

Who is the healthiest person you can think of? Take a minute to feel the frequency and the presence of that person.

For me, that person is Sat Jivan Singh, the director of Kundalini Yoga East in New York City. He is, I would guess, in his sixties, though only his gray beard gives it away. There is, unlike others I know in their sixties, a palpable glow about him, a lightness and a vibrancy to his presence that makes me feel uplifted just being near him. He radiates happiness and joy, he is in pristine physical shape, as flexible as a spry gymnast with the endurance of a long-distance runner. He can break a 104-degree fever by simply wrapping two fingers around his big toe in just the right posture, flexing the exact right muscles. He is powerful and skilled and kind. For me, he is the picture of health.

What would it be like to be that healthy?

Did you just say something to yourself along the lines of “It would be amazing, but…”

Good! Ok, so what were the “buts”? Those buts are your beliefs about your health. Those buts are the beliefs that are keeping you from attaining that level of health for yourself.

So today, take some time to write down all those beliefs – all the reasons why you think you cannot be as healthy as the healthiest person you know. Go as deep as you can – ask yourself what belief is underneath each of the ones you write down. Keep going until you feel you’ve reached your core beliefs.

If your experience is anything like mine when you do this, you’ll feel both liberated and repelled by the truth of what you really think. You’ll see, in black and white (or blue and white, or red and white, depending on the color of the pen you use) how your beliefs are running counter to the results you want for your life.

This is the first step to changing your beliefs.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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