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The FF is Your BFF!

Posted Oct 21 2013 1:53am

gift The Force Field is real. I want to tell you a story about how the Force Field hooked me up the other day and proved its existence to me. But first, let me clarify a few things.

The Force Field (or FF, for short) goes by lots of names. Some people call it God. Some call it the Almighty, Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, the Divine, the Big Guy Upstairs, the Fabric of the Cosmos.

No matter what one calls it, no matter what one’s faith or lack thereof, everyone pretty much agrees that there’s some sort of mysterious force field that we don’t fully understand but we all sense and know, in a deep in-the-bones sorta way.

Talk to a quantum physicist. They rub up against this Divine Invisible Fabric all the time. It’s central to their work.

This week, I read a really wonderful, user-friendly, and inspiring book about this force field and our ability to plug into it called E2 by Pam Grout. It’s a New York Times bestseller right now because it’s teaching people, with 9 do-it-yourself simple experiments, just how powerful they are when they connect to the Force Field consciously and with intention.

In the first experiment, you give the FF 48 hours to make its presence known. “You demand a clear, unmistakable sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence.” You are instructed to do this by asking for an “unexpected gift,” something you wouldn’t normally receive.

So, I sat down and asked the FF to please hook me up. 45 minutes later I was texting with my daughter’s dad and I told him about this great book I’m reading. He replied by telling me about a great book that he was just thinking I’d like too. I said, no no, I don’t have time to read any more books right now, I have a long list of books already on the waitlist.

But never one to be deterred, he ignored me and texted me ten minutes later to say, “I just purchased it for your Kindle. Check your email.” So, still not realizing that I had just received a gift (because I was wrapped up in resistance toward him for buying me something I just told him I didn’t want), I wrote back, “You really shouldn’t have done that.”

I hate it when he does that, I thought, annoyed, and then proceeded to completely forget about it, until I opened my email a few minutes later to see the message from Amazon. Inside was a picture of a big yellow bow. Above it, it says “A gift for you.”

That’s when I realized that the Force Field was listening.

I mean c’mon FF, could you GET more literal and obvious?! Wow! So cool! And on top of that, the book he sent me was called “The Gift of Adversity.”

Then, later that day, I checked the mail and received another unexpected gift – a CD a friend had ordered for me without my knowledge two weeks prior which just happened to arrived that day.

Then, this morning (just in case the message wasn’t totally clear) at the tail end of the 48-hour window of proof, I was at a service at a spiritual center and because I was new, they handed me a card that said “Please accept this gift,” redeemable for a free set of lectures. Seriously!

All of which is to say, the experiment was an undeniable success. I asked for a clear sign and it was delivered. Overdelivered, if you ask me. Clearly, the FF is totes my BFF.

The FF hears us. The FF wants to give us what we ask for. In fact, it’s always giving us what we ask for, every moment, every day. With every thought we think, we are asking the Force Field to reflect back to us what we’ve already declared to be true.

If we think our life sucks, the FF will show us that. If we think no one likes us, we’re ugly, we’re sick, fatigued, depressed, unlovable, then that’s what the FF will deliver. If we think we deserve a gift, the FF will deliver that. If we think we’re the cat’s meow, the FF will reflect our awesomeness right back to us.

The cool thing is, the FF can deliver a Kindle book just as easily as it can deliver a soul mate, a winning lottery ticket, the repair of a broken heart, a new computer, a physical healing, or a new friend. It may not always come exactly when we want it or quite how we expect it to appear, but it will be delivered.

The FF is your BFF (by the way, that’s Best Friend Forever, in case you don’t have an 8-year-old daughter like me to remind you of such things). I’ve experienced the truth of my own power when I’m plugged into the Force Field countless times in my life, but I sometimes forget it. Sometimes, I think I have to make things happen all by myself. But that never works as well.

I forget that the universe is benevolent and I forget my own power. And that’s the real lesson here. We are not passive participants on this life journey, we are creators! We just need to decide which team we’re playing for. Are we creating from love or from fear?

So be mindful of what you think, because every thought is a prayer. Every thought is an explicit instruction delivered instantaneously to the Force Field. So what are your thoughts about your illness? If every thought is a prayer, what are you praying that the FF deliver to you? More sickness or perfect health?


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