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The Conspiracy Theory

Posted Mar 31 2011 3:12pm
Thursday, March 31, 2011
The Conspiracy Theory

Yeah, I'm pretty sure there is some sort of conspiracy against me. It's that whole thing of--it things can go wrong they will. Which brings me to the divorce. As I have been updating on this for quite some time, I am sorry to say that it is STILL not final! What!? Really. Seriously. And it is now coming down to me filing a complaint against the attorney with the bar. Who ever heard of a NON-CONTESTED divorce taking 6 years? I can't even begin to imagine what we'd be going through if it was contested. But no, we agree on everything, yet the attorney still can't get it right. Everytime he submits the "final" paperwork to the county judge, it gets returned because it is missing information. If he wasn't paid in full, I would have hired a different attorney a LONG time ago. I admit, some of these years delay had to do with the ex not doing his part with the attorney. But as of July of last year, he did what he needed to do, now this attorney has his thumb(s) up his butt and isn't paying attention. In October I heard from his secretary "It will be done by the end of the year at the latest". Then, as I mentioned in a previous post, she outright lied to me because she didn't want to deal with the fact that the attorney hadn't even started the paperwork. She said she felt "guilty" that it wasn't taken care of. Then in January "it has finally been submitted and should be final by the end of the month." And tomorrow is April 1st. The latest is that a few weeks ago, the judge's secretary called the attorney's secretary to say yet even more information is missing and requested. And the attorneys secretary said this past Tuesday that she never received a call. And, even better, the attorney is out of the office on another of his numerous vacations until April 11th. Then to make matters worse, I received a letter from my health insurance carrier inquiring about my eligibility for medicare. Apparently if I am eligible for Medicare (which I am and have had since January), I am know longer eligible for this particular health insurance. And to get a different policy will cost hundreds of dollars more per month than I am already paying. If the dang divorce was done, I could have insurance for FREE through Brian. But no, NY won't allow me to go onto his insurance until the divorce is finalized. All of this makes my head spin.

Tomorrow is daughter's 12th birthday. April Fool's Day 1999 seems so long ago, yet it seems like she was just born yesterday. This weekend she is having a birthday party with lots of her tween friends, some of which are spending the night. Add that to our 4 kids, and it will be a madhouse around here. She is doing absolutely wonderful. Although she is starting her teenage attitude before she is a teen, she has been doing great at school. About 2 months ago, her assistant principal called me to let me know they are having a surprise ceremony for some students that are excelling, not academically, but with being a positive role model for other students. It was held during the school day, and the students were asked, via speaker system, to go to the auditorium. Poor girl didn't know what was going on! She said as she was walking to the auditorium, she saw Brian and I headed to the school through the parking lot, and she was scared that she was in some sort of trouble. It was a nice ceremony and made me proud to be her mom!

Last week we added to our already bursting household. One more dog was added to the bunch, and I guess after a certain number, an addition to the family is no big deal right? We certainly were not looking for a new pet, and everytime the kids asked for something else, a bunny, gerbil, hamster, whatever, I would say "NO MORE PETS!" But last week I was asked, in desperation, to please take a little dog who was being abused. He is a chihuahua poodle mix, and weighs 15 pounds. Who would abuse such a little animal, except for someone who needs to feel powerful and take out frustrations on something that can't fight back? Well, all I needed to hear was the word abuse. The next morning the kids and I went and picked him up. The owners practically thrust him into my arms. And he was such a pitifull thing, all trembling and crying from fear. I should have smacked the owners in the head while I had the chance. Instead I took him home, and we all give him lots of love everyday. The first few days were rough. He was peeing,pooping and crying non-stop. I seriously went through 2 nights of no sleep. He wouldn't lay down! I think he was afraid of who/what was going to hurt him next. He is 7 years old, and those people had him since he was 6 weeks old. He doesn't know anything except abuse and neglect. He stays near me most of the time, because I think he knows I won't hurt him. But, if there are loud noises, or someone moves towards him too quickly, he shakes so hard and violently that it's no wonder his poor heart doesn't just quit on him.

Corby (his name was Corey, but we switched it up a bit) had his first vet appointment on Monday. For the most part, he is in good health. But he hasn't been neutered, so poor Mr. Corby gets to go have that done next week. I'm not sure how that is going to be. He will probably be petrified that I am leaving him when I drop him off at the vet. Luckily, it isn't an overnight stay, just a full day from 8 till about 5pm. I would wait longer to have the surgery while he adjusts, but he seems to think he is some sort of stud, and is constantly going after my female husky. Apparently Corby hasn't realized that she is about 4 times bigger than he is, and she is SPADE! He drives her crazy, so he must be neutered asap so poor Molly can get a break from his advances. The vet thinks it's going to take about 2 months before all of the hormones have settled and he starts to leave her alone. It's gonna be a long 3 months.

Kids are home from school, time to go play mommy!
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