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The Castle on the Hill

Posted Apr 11 2011 8:08am

Here, in the small town that I have been a part of for over 30 years, there is a beautiful building that sits empty and is falling apart. Yesterday, a portion of this historical castle fell down. The only good part of this situation is the part that collapsed was an addition to the original castle, not the main building. Looking at these photos you can see just how beautiful and amazing this castle is. A sanitarium in the 1800's, it was also a "spa" of sorts, with mineral water and natural springs nearby. Here is a link with additional pictures and some background for anyone that would like to take a peak at part of our town's hisotry. (sorry-can't remember how to change the link to the name of the article!) And here is another link with more history-

This photo above is a view of the castle that can be seen from many areas of town. I can even see a part of it from my front yard. As many years as I've lived here, since 1981, I have never grown tired of seeing the beauty of the castle.

When going for walks around town, I often either lose the feeling in my legs, or they start to hurt tremendously. I have found that when this starts, I can focus on the castle and forget about the pain. Magical powers of the castle? No, I'm sure its just my sense of awe over how beautiful the castle is that makes me forget.

A few years ago, the castle was purchased from an individual that lives about 2 hours or so away. The intention was to restore the building to its original magnificence, and construction was set to begin in April of 2009 if I remember correctly. Construction never began, the cost too overwhelming. And so the castle continues to sit empty and is slowly falling apart. Such a tragedy that this piece of history is left to crumble away.

Brian and I often say that if we were to win millions in the lottery, we would purchase the castle and restore it. Until then, I will continue to view our castle as the beauty it once was, and close my eyes to the castle that is now in ruins.
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