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The Boy Does Dishes, Kobe's Pain, and My Back is Killing Me

Posted Jan 14 2010 12:00am
The boy dashed through, that few minutes between school and bowling alley duties. We watched ESPN, ate, and I decided to put him to work. A sure sign you haven't given your children enough jobs around the house? Watch them empty the dishwasher! He knew where the dishes, forks, and glasses went, everything else was virgin ground. He didn't know where the pots and pans, utensils, you name it went. I shall make it my duty that he learns, no more dishwasher duty for me!

Watching ESPN with the boy today, I saw that like me, Kobe Bryant is having back problems. Yeah, we both are having problems running up and down the court, bustin those 3 point shots. They must think we're idiots! They even said, anyone who's ever had back problems can appreciate how brave he is. Oh bite me! Anyone who has ever had a real back problem knows you don't lay court side for a few minutes, then resume playing pro basketball.

Speaking of back problems, I need to lay court side! My back is killing me! I can't tell if this pain, this weakness in my legs, is from my screwed up back, or the MS. What I do know is that if the spinal injections don't do more than this, I'm going to need a bigger bottle of pills.
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