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super duper secret blog

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

super duper secret blog alert

My mom is funny…fiercely private, stubbornly independent and completely artistic. (Pronounced Are-Teas-tic for those of you who remember the vivid scene in Titanic.) Last year some time she started a journal but the attention made her gun shy so she deleted it; however this year, after much prodding from her only child, she has started a new one. For reasons I can not fathom she does not feel that she is able to write and doesn’t think that people will want to know what she thinks about but I have told her that the opposite is true, people are curious about others. People love knowing what and whom an artist thinks about while creating.

People crave knowing how a creative person sees the world because somewhere in another person’s point of view there are nuggets that help you know the world better. Angles, as seen from the soul of others, help each of us find our own way in life. Feeling connected in a lost world.

Feeling kinship will spread peace faster than hearing about only the Evil in life.

My mother is a beautiful soul and I hope that she keeps this journal up so that other people can glimpse who she is from her words and from her paintings. She feels safe addressing the journal as letters to me because writing to me has been something she has no issues. Our relationship is one to envy and one of very ordinary cycles.

So please, without further fanfare, could you take a moment to encourage her
? She has completely redone her website for her art and is also now selling prints, some of which are very reasonably priced. Here's her art...

ckays1967 at 1:27:00 PM PDT Link to this entry

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i couldn t figure out how to leave a comment on your mom's blog. I love hearing stuff she writes to you. you two have such a wonderful relationship.
it sounds like when she speaks of painting a picture & when the last stroke is done, it's not hers kinda reminds me of myself & my 24 yr old daughter.she is my friend now,we are done with the parent-child thing. My mom has never been able to do that...when I speak of taking my Girl Scouts off, she asks if there are any adults going...and I am 49! LOL!
Comment from sunnyside46 - 7/28/05 12:31 PM

Hi Everyone, I'm still figuring out how to work my new blog. Just so you know, I have removed the restrictions so that anyone can post to it now. Thank you for visiting my website and for your kind words. I took the liberty of stealing your comments to Christina then pasting them at my blog. The only thing is that they look like they came from me and I don't know how to make them look like they came from you. Oh well, at least they are there.

Christina are too sweet for announcing my new blog. I am so grateful to have you for my daughter, thank you for loving me the way that you do. I love you, Mom
Comment from tsgerkin - 7/28/05 3:11 AM

Hey, I`ve seen that Pic of you before!
And your Mom`s beautiful site has your Poetry! A bonus!!
Comment from deabvt - 7/28/05 3:10 AM

Well I could go to that site and spend a day or two...what incredible art and your poetry...The selections of your poetry are the most incredible I have read! I will be back many, many times. Please relay to your Mom It is exciting visiting her site! Most links we come across are pure conjecture on our part what will be presented on the author's page. Her link had a link attached and that is your marvelous entries we have all come to cherish. Knowing your talent as we all do, we knew before arriving we were about to meet The Source of all this Talent! Needless to say we will never be disappointed! It is now one of AOL"S most fabulous sites!Blessings to you both, Courtenay
Comment from courtenaymphelan - 7/27/05 6:52 PM

i'm on my way to take a peek!

Comment from cneinhorn - 7/27/05 4:49 PM

I tried to leave a comment on your mom's blog, but she has it set up so that only those withlblogger accounts can leave comments. Here is what I wrote...maybe you can convey it to her:

I don't know too many artistic people who do not have many facets to their creativity. We often love art, color, music, words, photography...we can make beautiful things with a huge variety of different media. You will do fine with a blog. The trick is, write for yourself...not for what you think others might want or like to read. Lisa :-]

BTW--the closest we will be getting to you this year is that we will be in Hood River for the Hood River Harvest Fest in October. I'm not sure how far you are from Hood River, but maybe that would be a place we could meet... Lisa :-]
Comment from lisaram1955 - 7/27/05 4:41 PM

Your mom herewith has her first comment ... we hope we have encouraged her.
Bon & Mal
Comment from b4i8clover - 7/27/05 1:42 PM

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