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Posted Oct 01 2008 8:40pm

a tardy assignment
Weekend Assignment #23: 100 years from now, your great-great-great-grandchild has been assigned to write a school report on your life and times. Help him or her by putting five things in a time capsule. The five things could include something personal or something that typifies the times we live in. One catch: It can't include a version of your AOL Journal (because that would be too easy, that's why).

Extra Credit: Put something in the box that would believe would be completely puzzling -- something they'd look at and say "What the heck is this?"

I haven't turned in any homework for a couple of weeks...for no real compelling reason other than life has gotten in the way. But, after reading this week's question, I decided that I just had to give it a try. (Especially since I seem to have such a talent for remembering things from my past and because if I get lucky enough to have any children it is going to be a blessing from God ~ the thought of having a great-great-great grandchild in so very tantalizing...)

1. The bible I USE....not the numerous pretty ones I own but the one I color in, write in and eat with while reading it. The one that shows I really lived.

2. My yet uncreated DVD/CD photo scrapbook with witty and captivating captions beneath all the picture that explain "whose nose is whose" and "these are the monkey feet that begot your monkey feet." My family has freakishly long toes.

3. Another fantasy DVD that would include at least one telling front page from each year that I know: 9/11, Princess Di, Elvis, Reagan getting shot, John Lenon, AZ Diamondbacks winning the world series, the Challenger....get the picture? {pun intended}

4. An acid free journal where I have recorded my impressions of the ancestors now living...their quirks, their dreams, their accomplishments. For example, only this morning my 73 year old grandmother told me that when she was 13 she use to take her dad to work in HIS car, drop him off, go pick up her girlfriends on their way to school and drive to the next town to flirt with the high school boys. She said in 1943 if you were tall enough to drive, you drove. Now that is stuff that kids in the future need to know about.

5. A new set of coins from 2004....just because man they would be valuble in the future.

For the extra credit........

A grey, smooth river rock that is as big as my palm.

With a hand written note in very fancy print that explains it is a rock from the Columbia River when their great-great-great grandfather was baptized on Independence Day 2004. (The irony of being baptized on the 4th of July is not lost on me.)

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lol at the uncreated cd photo too. The other DVD is good too. LOL @ long toes. And 13 year olds driving. MY dad got his license upstate ny in some town with one cop when he was 15. This was very cute
Comment from redhdka - 9/14/04 8:52 PM

I'm always happy to see a comment from you, Christina, or an email, knowing the effort it takes for you to keep your own Journal, and to read and respond to other people's Journals. Thank you for stopping by my Journal. Your faith shines brightly! And yes, we do have some of the same ideas for a time capsule! May God bless you and yours, Christina.

Comment from camaroisle050856 - 9/13/04 7:42 PM

Beautiful, Chris. How many Bibles do you have?
Comment from deabvt - 9/13/04 2:28 AM

This was just wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it. My bible, I have since I was eleven years old. It's so warn. I have many others but that would surely be my first thought to pass down to my daughter and on and on and on as long as it lasts.


Comment from readmereadyou - 9/13/04 12:06 AM

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