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Severe epigastric pain - worse after eating

Posted by lyn

Can MS symptoms progress to severe epigastric pain that does not go away and gets worse with eating? I have had this ongoing pain for a year that nobody seems to be able to tell me what it is or if it is from MS. I have lost over 85 lbs and am still losing. They are now talking about a feeding tube. At one point I was told that it was from nerves around my esophagus but other doctors have told me that is not possible. I just want to be able to eat without severe pain. MS has already taken my vision in both eyes, my coordination, sleeping, walking, and I am not able to work any longer. This does not effect just me my family has paid a very high price also. I would like just once to get a straight answer from a doctor without them sending me to all their friends so everyone is in on the money making. I am at a point where I am about to say forget it and stop seeing all doctors and going off my medications. I am very frustrated with the medical community.
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You can end up with a hiatal hernia/GERD due to weakened diaphram.  I recently went on neurontin to treat neuropathic pain due to perpheral neuropathy.  Not only did it fix that, it also fixed the pelvic floor spasms and pain of interstitial cystitis.  Maybe,,,,  Good luck!
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