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Scott Johnson Awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Social Entrepreneurship (Northern California Region)

Posted Jun 14 2010 2:58pm

A small core of MRF staff and volunteers were dressed to the nines this past Saturday night to support MRF President and Founder Scott Johnson in his bid for the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

In a black-tie event held at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose, 27 finalists were considered in eight categories. The winners would get a shot at the next level of competition in Palm Springs next November. 

To the ching-chinging of tambourines, the clacking of rattles and some good ol’ fashioned hootin’ and hollerin’, before hundreds of like minded entrepreneurs and their company staff members, Scott appeared on a forty foot video screen and told the MRF story. In true academy award style, the announcer tore open one envelope after another to reveal the winners in each of the eight categories. When the envelope for the Social Entrepreneurship winner was opened there was a second of dramatic pause before we heard Scott’s name. [More hootin’ and hollerin’!] 

Scott was brief and gracious in his acceptance speech, thanking MRF staff, scientists, advisors, partners, volunteers and his wife Dana.  And of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous donations and grants from hundreds of MRF supporters like you worldwide. For all of us, it is recognition that the MRF’s work is as extraordinary as we think it is. 

Our thanks to the E&Y judges and program coordinators who made this special opportunity for recognition possible. 

Read more about the evening’s event here

P.S. Recognitions like these are two-edged swords for an organization like the MRF. While they communicate the outside world’s acknowledgement of our success, to some, they inadvertently communicate that our job may be done. Clearly it is not and won’t be until we get a new MS medicine on the market. 

So we’re not basking too long in this wonderful victory and ask that you don’t either. Nothing is more important than maintaining the momentum of our work and without your continued support that cannot happen. 

So share this good news with your friends, family and colleagues who care about solving the problem of MS and speeding medical research. Your dollars will mean more basic research, more pre-development testing, more investigations into biomarkers of the disease, more engagement with commercial partners and a bigger push toward the first myelin repair clinical trial in 2014. 

When we get THERE, that will be a true cause for celebration.

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