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Saturday, September 4, 2004 {pic...

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Saturday, September 4, 2004

{picture stolen from the is okay, they said I could}
Yesturday was a very hard day for me.....the night before we had a Huge Talk with one of the kids, spent the daytime worrying about another HUGE HUGE Talk that is going to be had with one of the kids (have to vague, sorry) and the result was that I only slept for two hours Thursday night. For a person with any chronic illness their sleep is the very most important thing they need. It is more important than food, than medicine, than cleanliness....than anything. Sleep is what allows us to be posers of normal human beings. With enough sleep I can convenice anyone I meet that I in fact do not have multiple sclerosis.....

What happens to me when I don't get enough sleep?

1. I slurr my words.

2. I can not complete any one thought.

3. I can not stand up without swaying like a drunken sailor.

4. I feel as if my limbs are filled with mercury. (Not that I know what that is like but I do have a vivid imagination.)

5. I get cranky. ~this happens to us all.

6. I get sad.

7. I have the desire to pee almost non-stop.

The solution? Next time I have a lot on my mind I am taking a Tylenol PM.

At 5pm.

PS: Say a prayer for my family again worked last time and there they are STILL living in Florida. I hope they are at least starting to question their own sanity.... LOL

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Sleep is important to ALL of us, but so much more important when your body is constantly trying to fight something or repair something. I was going to suggest that you try taking a little something, over the counter, but you've already got that plan in action. Smart! Also, just remember to lay around a bit more if you can. I find that if I can just lay in bed and read, that it's almost as effective as getting some actual sleep. The body just needs to focus on those other things and when you're active all the time, it can't do it.

I'll keep praying. Those poor Floridians have yet ANOTHER one aimed right at them. Does it ever end???
Comment from slowmotionlife - 9/9/04 12:13 PM

My thoughts are with you and yours. Thanks for sharing with us, and for the kind words in your email to me. Your life is a blessing, and touches all who come in contact with you.

Comment from camaroisle050856 - 9/8/04 9:02 AM

I really understand how important sleep is for those with compromised immune systems. I also can't imagine how you were able to stay awake for so long. Doesn't fatigue take over sometimes? I suppose if you're mid-HUGE HUGE talk, nothing else matters in that moment. It's amazing what we can show up for isn't it? Sleep well. Sweet dreams.
Comment from freeepeace - 9/7/04 6:00 PM

My heart goes out to the both of you and yours. SLEEP is and always has been the glue that holds my wife Patti together. It takes TEAMWORK to make a family function, with or without MS. ‘Able bodied’ members of a family don’t think twice about raising their hands to say, “I need …” . DON'T HESITATE to say, “I need sleep!”

Spouse/Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Comment from daddyleer - 9/6/04 9:10 AM

If sleep does this much good, get a nap every day you can. Take good care of you. (I know, I can be bossy but I mean well)

Comment from readmereadyou - 9/5/04 1:34 AM

I hope you get the sleep you need........and prayers that things go okay with the family and the talks.....
Comment from cneinhorn - 9/4/04 7:44 PM

Christina, you must guard your sleep time very jealously. ESPECIALLY no, with extra stress upon you. GET SOME SLEEP TONIGHT!!! We will uphold you and the rest of your family in our thoughts. Lisa :-]
Comment from mlraminiak - 9/4/04 7:03 PM

Yeah, I'm thinkin' they really need to move to the cozy midwest. We only have the occasional tornado, and it leaves a person in Oz, sporting ruby slippers and making friends with courageous, intelligent, sensitive characters. Not a bad life.
Comment from haikulike - 9/4/04 5:49 PM

You are in my prayers. I can relate to being too tired and not getting enough rest. Take a NAP!
Comment from am4th - 9/4/04 2:01 PM

You and your family are in my prayers. Now, please, take a nap today!
Comment from sistercdr - 9/4/04 1:28 PM

Im sorry you lost so much sleep, and feel bad that you have to worry about something HUGE. That can't be too good for you. Praying for you as always and Know everybody else will be praying too. Hugs. *Barb*
Comment from barbpinion - 9/4/04 1:24 PM

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