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Richmond, VA trip

Posted Jul 10 2012 6:45am

Last month, we took a trip to Richmond. We stayed at a lovely B&B called Maury Place B&B, which was located on Monument Avenue. The owners were very nice; the staff was great; the entire place was beautifully decorated, and it was spotless. 

We visited Hollywood Cemetery, where former presidents, generals, and other famous people were buried. We then went to a small Jewish museum, which was quite nice. By then, it was time to check in. Co-owner Jeff gave us a tour of the house, then was nice enough to help Arnie bring up our things. The room was lovely. It even had its own private balcony.

After getting settled in, we went out for dinner at a Greek restaurant. In fact, we ended up eating there twice.

We came back to Maury Place, went into the visitor's kitchen and got drinks and snacks, then went up to our room. We sat on the balcony for awhile, enjoying the weather.

The next morning, we came down for breakfast. There were seven of us staying there that day. After a marvelous dinner provided by Donna and her intern, we visited the Virginia Art Museum. Arnie usually isn't a fan of art, but he wanted to see the Faberge eggs. There were four of them, and they were beautiful. We spent two hours at the museum, then took a break for lunch. We ate on our balcony, then rested awhile and went back to the museum for another two hours. Tiring, but nice; and, we only saw about half of the museum.

Day #2, we were the only ones for breakfast as the other people had checked out. Every breakfast we had there was marvelous. This day, Arnie had hired a private Civil War guide to pick him up and take him on a tour of The Seven Days Battles.

Monty and I were on our own. We did a lot of resting, and I did a lot of reading. It was perfect for us after the busy day we had the day before. There was a tiny restaurant called the Franklin Inn where I had lunch. It was only a block away, so Monty and I walked there. We got the last empty table--there were four tables and three booths, plus bar stools at the bar. I talked a little to the extremely sweet ladies sitting beside me. They said that they both donated to Saint Francis, and I thanked them for doing so. After lunch, we walked back and got more rest. Arnie came back after six hours, saying he had a great time. We ate supper, then came back to our room.

Day #3, we went to the Virginia History Museum--which was next door to the VA Art Museum. We spent three hours there, took a break and ate lunch, then we went back for two more hours. Again, we saw most of the museum but not the entire thing. Had a nice dinner, then went back to our room.

Day #4, we ate another wonderful breakfast, then checked out. We went to the Green Valley Book Fair, bought a load of books, then drove home. The beauty is that Richmond is only a 3-hour drive from Salem.

Yesterday, we made reservations at Maury Place for our anniversary in September. We're only staying two nights this time. Arnie is working on a wonderful itinerary for us.

MS-wise, I'm trying to get back on Tysabri. I've already gotten approval from my doctor, but now I've got to get financial assistance from the maker since the co-pay is $550 every four weeks. Cross your fingers!
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