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Red Faced

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:50pm

My recent fall (actually, more like tipping) with my bike led to a certain amount of embarrassment, which the Wookie and I discussed the other night. In 3 years I can't recall the Wookie ever being embarrassed about anything, the man is so even-keeled, but he mentioned the fall the two of us took on our 3rd or 4th date. Of course, because it was mortifying (for me), it bears repeating here.

A local non-profit organization shows movies on the wall of a very large building on the city waterfront in the summertime on Friday nights. People bring lawn chairs, blankets, munchies etc., make a donation and watch a movie. Kind of like a Drive-in but more a walk in. My station is usually a sponsor of one of the movies and I was going to be the "presenter" this particular night. It was the Blues Brothers (I love that movie) and invited the Wookie to come with me. I had another event to attend the next day so we weren't going to stay for the whole movie, but the organizers gave us front row seats to use anyway.

At the appointed time I got up front and welcomed everyone to the show. I pulled on a fedora and shades and did my little shtick, getting a few people up front to sing the Rawhide theme for prizes and then sat down next to the Wookie. The few chairs provided by the organizer were plastic lawn chairs that resembled Adirondack chairs. About 45 minutes into the movie I shifted in my seat and the next thing I know, with a loud crack both the Wookie and I are on our backs looking at the stars instead of the movie, our feet in the air. I don't know how, but both chairs broke at the same time.

I didn't move for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what just happened,when suddenly there were a dozen faces hovering over mine, people asking if we're ok. I started to giggle as did the Wookie and then most everyone else. People helped us up, we all picked up the debris from the broken chairs, and then sat off to the side for a few minutes. We had to leave anyway, so I found the organizer, thanked him for his hospitality, apologized for breaking the chairs, and we left.

Thank the gods, it was dark, because with my embarrassment I'm sure my face could probably have been used as a search light.


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