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Product Review: Cool Top Mattress Topper From Sleep Joy

Posted Apr 12 2010 10:46am
A few months ago, I was approached by a representative from a company called SleepJoy via email. SleepJoy's products can help people with medical conditions that cause sleep problems due to excessive body heat. Things like night sweats and just getting too hot to have a good nights sleep. She found my blog online and saw that I reach a lot of people with medical problems (primarily Multiple Sclerosis) and found the blog informative and respected in the MS Community. After giving an over-view of their products, she asked if I'd be interested in testing a mattress topper designed to help people with medical issues, try it out for a few weeks and then write a review of the product. After doing this, here is my review of the 3" CoolTop Mattress Topper from Sleep Joy .

First, here are the product features:

• Contoured surface plus ventilation provides maximum airflow

• 3” thick peaks relieve pressure points

• Luxurious 300tc cotton cover is filled with down like gel fiber and comes with a skirt to keep the topper secure

• Green tea removes all foam odors

Open cell memory foam blended with hypoallergenic latex

• Medium/plush

The memory foam is basically like an egg crate topper but better made and stronger than a conventional one you can buy anywhere. The foam is intended to "breathe" and it allows air to circulate underneath you to keep your body cool while sleeping. Normally I'd be skeptical of this but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actual works!

The topper was shipped in a large box and it was heavier than I expected. It weighs close to 15 pounds which goes to show you how well made and durable it is. Setting up the bed was a piece of cake and it fit perfectly under the sheets. Seconds after laying down on it, you can feel a temperature difference in the foam. It's cool to the touch and it continues to be cool for an extended period of time. You really feel the temperature difference in the foam when you roll over to a new position.

The topper is 3 inches thick and has memory foam peaks and valleys and is made with a hybrid of ViscoFresh Enhanced Memory Foam and high density latex to disburse pressure points and provide healthy support. The ViscoFresh Latex Memory Foam offers five times more air circulation than original memory foams to reduce overheating. This revolutionary material is both hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. It is made with plant based ingredients including green tea which eliminates foam odor and replaces it with a naturally fresh aroma.

At first the aroma was a bit strong for my liking. Every time you rolled over, you caught a whiff of the minty smell but after 5-7 days, it's all but gone. More than anything though, the softness and comfort level is off the charts! Normally just lying in bed watching TV I get stiff while in the same position but with the SleepJoy Mattress Topper, that is gone now!

My one negative aspect of the Mattress Topper is the price. I have a king size bed and a topper designed to fit it costs $349.00. That's a pretty steep price to pay for a topper but it does what it says it does and if you have trouble with night sweats, hot flashes or are just hot in general and have trouble sleeping due to any of these issues then SleepJoy may be an good option for you.

I'd definatly recommend SleepJoy's products to anyone who struggles with medical issues that deter them from getting a good nights sleep. Sleep after all is the backbone of good health. I want to thank SleepJoy for allowing me to test their product and I give my full endorsement on the product. If you have any questions or concerns about this review, please feel free to email me at

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