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Poison Control

Posted Oct 03 2009 12:00am
Josiah has a love affair with remotes. We can't seem to keep them out of his hands. Then one day he realized that if he throws them against the ground hard enough, the back fall soff and the batteries pop out. Like a magical little jack-in-the-box. We've since taped up the back of most of the remotes, but we left the newest one alone since the back was pretty hard to get off, even for me.

I took Annie into the kitchen to get her some formula and when I went back to the living room, I saw the remote was open, and the batteries were nowhere to be found. Then Josiah smiled and I could see the end of a chewed AA sticking out of his mouth! I grabbed it from him, told him, "No" and inspected the battery. The casing had his teeth marth all over it and was dented in places but didn't appear to have opened. Amy had just walked in from buying groceries and I told her that I think we need to call poison control.

We gave poison control a call and Amy described what happened and they asked about the batterey and if it looked like it had been opened. They concluded that he was probably fine and not to worry. But just to be safe I gace him lot sof water and juice to dilute any acid that he could have ingested. He's fine, but it was a scary moment!
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