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pictures of my new weapon

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Friday, August 5, 2005
some pictures of my newest weapon
K-love (again)

This is my prize from our weekend escape to Seaaside...a new weapon (ok, some of you might think it is a cane; but I prefer to invision myself as a Ninja and these "canes" as my all-powerful tools defending freedom, womanhood and innocence everywhere.)

I have been coveting one that looks somewhat knobby and tree like so imagine my joy with this one. Pure enchantment reigns.

I went to Seaside during a stubborn streak and did not take a cane with me. Yes, yes the old "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" song plays all day in my head. Gees. Anyway, I went without it because I was determined not to have MS during our romantic weekend and after five miles of walking the beach and storefronts, I found out that Denial is truly a place.

I needed a cane badly and this one was in a little cheesy Chinese shop calling out "Christina, Christina, over here. Over here." ~Inanimate objects sing to me all time, are you jealous or worried?~

I asked the young man what it says and got one of those vague answers the natives always give to gringos:

"It doesn't translate into English."

I said:

"Well, what does it kind of mean?"

He said:

"Well, usually only really old people need canes, so it means have a long and healthy life."

I said:


I thought:

"As long as it doesn't say white man has little ding dong."

(Boy, I hope that does not violate any TOS laws.)

I will give extra credit to anyone who can tell me what my cane really says...

It is not cheating to view larger...

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Great entry. I love the cane. I have a walking stick I have to use in hilly terrain. I've got a weird hip that starts aching for ?? reason. It's light and portable. But I love the wooden canes. So what does your cane say--"Journey"?
Comment from theresarrt7 - 8/15/05 1:01 AM

I think your cane says "I am an American Indian stick of POWER! Use this gift wisely!"

he he he I would probably use mine to knock some sense into my hubby!

Be well,

Comment from princesssaurora - 8/8/05 3:44 PM

When I lived in CO, my friend, Gabrielle, had MS. She got around pretty well while we lived there. I have since learned from a mutual friend that she is now confined to a wheel chair. It broke my heart to hear this. My hubby's cousin's wife has lupus. I will lift you up in my thoughts and in my prayers.
Comment from rjet33 - 8/8/05 7:59 AM

Love the cane. It adds character to having the need for a wee bit of support. I once had a friend give me a can with a brass ducks head on the handle. When you pulled the head a cask would suddenly materialize. She gave it to me to use in my sons wedding. If you have ever had a child involved in a large wedding you'll understand why she thought it was an appropriate gift. LOL Pennie
Comment from blondepennierae - 8/7/05 1:29 PM

Very neat! I wonder what the symbols mean?
Comment from deabvt - 8/6/05 12:15 PM

Oh those stubborn streaks! Sometimes they even do what they promise don't they? More often for me, they get me into trouble lol!
Bless your heart dear, thank you for sharing with us in your BLOG!
I think I hear things call out to me too, but mostly it's the flowers. They all want to be a part of my porch garden and I have a lot of trouble refusing any of them so my porch garden is getting quite crowded. I am trying to figure out a way to make my front porch much much bigger to accommodate more of them lol! (This is a secret --- DH doesn't know that --- yet.)
Gardening in containers has been easier for me than the flowerbeds ever used to be --- weeds are rarely a problem and I can use stands of all sorts to keep them easily reached. Also at garage sales and thrift shops -- and even in my own house lol --- there are plenty of items previously never known as plant containers --- or stands --- available! I just have to look at them with the right sort of considering eye lol!
loving you
Comment from klconard1 - 8/6/05 7:25 AM

Christina....This is a precious entry! I too have "things" call out to me! Let's go shopping girlfriend! Lisa
Comment from cw2smom - 8/5/05 9:38 PM

I wouldn't call it denial, as much as I would determination. You were determined to behave a certain way - there is nothing wrong with that...denial would have been not buying the cane when you realized you needed it!
Peace and love,
Comment from cdittric77 - 8/5/05 9:04 PM

Denial...that's something I don't usually expect from you, Christina. Anyway, it got you a new cane. A pretty snazzy one, at that. Lisa :-]
Comment from lisaram1955 - 8/5/05 8:16 PM

i love your cane. Johnny had to get one not too long ago.
Love your outlook. No wonder you do so well. I think you inspire everybody who reads your journal. I know you do me. Big hugs, hon.
Comment from barbpinion - 8/5/05 7:52 PM

It says" Trees are the legs of the Earth." It's an Ancient Chinese Proverb, don'tcha know. Very nice cane, it has character. I like mine; it has a grip and a short projection on the front from which I can hang things.
Comment from b4i8clover - 8/5/05 6:38 PM

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