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Phantom Baby Cry

Posted Aug 06 2009 12:00am
Have you ever swore that you heard the phone ringing? How about reaching into your pocket because you thought your cell phone was vibrating? My favorite is the phantom baby cry. Right now, I'm up in the 3rd floor music room while the kids are napping. The AC is running and I'm doing some audio editing for work, so there's no shortage of background noise. Yet every now and then, I'm convinced that I hear Annie crying or Josiah shouting. I stop playback om the computer, turn off the AC and just listen.


As a parent, there's no sound more terrifying than the sound of your child crying out for you. Sure, sometimes you have to let them "cry it out" but in general, a baby crying demands immediate attention. That's why Amy and I could both wake up from a dead sleep to feed Josiah or Annie when they were infant. Our bodies reacted to their cries and signaled an immidate response. That's why it's so weird when you think you hear them crying. You never know if it's for real or all in your head, but because they're your precious litle people, you'll always come running every time.
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