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Pedro Strops Hat, Grass Fed Meats and Free Range Chicken

Posted Sep 01 2012 12:00am 1 Comment
OK, I'm watching the O's, watched them when they couldn't buy a win, true fan.  Somebody has to make Pedro Strop wear his hat straight!  What's the deal with?  Is it an individual thing, or is his head crooked?  If it's a birth defect, I apologize.  If it's not, somebody fix it.  What if he wants to wear it backwards tomorrow?  I hate rules, but if I have to follow them, I expect everyone to do the same.  If need be, I can send MLB the definition of uniform.

The wife got me some grass fed beef and pork this week, both from Clark's Elioak Farm .  My plan is to eat as much of my protein as I can this way.  We are due to go back up to Rousedale Farm for more free range chicken and naturally grown veggies.  I'm no expert, not a scientist either, but it seems to me the less chemicals we put into our bodies the better.  Also, if I'm going to eat this way, avoid certain things, shouldn't I avoid animals that are eating things they shouldn't have?
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I agree. This yo-boy nonsense needs to stop. He needs to dress and act like a major leaguer. Can't believe Buck allows Strop to immitate inner city thugs. 
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