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Patron Saint of Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Jun 16 2008 6:12pm

Whenever I check my blog stats, I automatically scan the search phrases that lead people into the light (a.k.a. the Sunshine). Some strange ones have been in the list, some so odd they would make any redhead blush. Here’s one from this week that I found intriguing, a search for “the patron saint of Multiple Sclerosis.”

I found this to be very interesting; interesting enough to do some digging. Apparently there isn’t a specific saint associated with M.S.; however there is a patron saint of neurological diseases:St. Bartholomew the Apostle.

To add to the interesting-factor, I searched for this information on June 11th, which in turn is the date St. Bartholomew is memorialized each year in Eastern churches (enter spooky music here). St. Bartholomew is also the patron saint of tanners (as in animal hide tanners, not sun worshippers) because historic representations indicated he was flayed alive and crucified hanging upside down. Most photographic renditions of the Saint show him with his own skin hanging over his one arm. It’s a natural correlation then for Bartholomew to be the patron saint of tanners, and butchers, and leather workers, and shoemakers, but neurologic diseases like M.S.? He is apparently called upon in times of demonic possessions, too. Perhaps we with neurologic diseases are possessed?

I’m calling on my Catholic readers here to help draw the correlation here for me and for our readers.

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