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Part 2 to "Medications and Interactions" Update

Posted Jun 18 2011 3:57pm
I wanted to UPDATE to you regarding my last Blog "Medications and Interactions"

I went in and had my E.K.G. done the day after I wrote the first article. I found out last Saturday, that the E.K.G. Came back showing an abnormality. I have to go through a 6 hours testing process this Tuesday to try to figure out what is causing or where the problem is. The Exact wording was... An Abnormality of the transit Time of Electrical Impulses Across the Heart. Then it was followed with... You are to stay calm, avoid stress and stressful activities, Relax and try to lay down as much as possible. We don't want you standing for long periods of time either, until we go further with the testing.

How do you tell someone this and then expect them to not get stressed, the anxieties, emotional, etc... Maybe it is just me, but I apparently am not doing so well on the restrictions... I have had a few people recommend going after my Doctor who screwed up with the two medications. What good is that going to do? At this minute all I care about is figuring out why and how to fix the problem. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't scared to death. I mean really, with having MS, Chron's, and Fibro... I am not one of those "LUCKY" kind of person.

The first few days I was scared and cried a lot. Then I had a day or two that, I was pretty calm, and then everyday that I have gotten closer to This Tuesday the anxiety has become worse and worse. I guess, I just wanted to UPDATE you and STRESS the IMPORTANCE AGAIN ~~ To Research and Triple Check for interactions of the Medications You Are On or A Loved One Is On. We trust our Doctors and I have watched them plug in new medications to see if it is flagged for possible complications or interactions and none were flagged. The few that have been flagged the Doctor's changed the medication they were going to use. I don't know how exactly this was missed or overlooked, but it was missed by many Doctors and Pharmacists.

I think I have come to the conclusion that we, with MS or any disease, know that we are on a lot of medications. We hope that they will help treat the disease, the symptoms, the pain, FIX US... But if we all stop and think about it, anytime we are on medications, whether it is 1 or 15, for long periods of time. There is always chances for problems to arise. That is something we all have to live with, but not something we think about when all we want, is to feel better or get better. I will update again, after I find out more, because I hope this can help at least 1 person but mostly to keep us all aware of the complications and interactions from medicines we take.
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