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Part 1: Changing Your Beliefs: The Key to Self-Healing

Posted May 19 2010 10:20am

nasa1fan/MSFC, Flickr

You are insignificant in this universe and nothing you think or feel has the power to change the world around you.

Does that belief sound familiar? It should, since it was installed in nearly all of us as children. Why? Because for the past 300 years, science has led us to believe that our inner experience cannot affect reality. Since Newton published his laws of physics, we’ve accepted that we are just passive victims in a world where things happen for no apparent reason. Since that time, the scientific research has been grounded in the belief that our consciousness – our beliefs and thoughts and feelings – simply were not part of the equation.

In addition to science’s belief (which has become our belief) that we cannot affect the world around us, our parents taught us that there are authorities in this world – teachers, doctors, policemen – and we are not them. We don’t know and we don’t have power.


A quiet revolution has been taking place for the past 100 years, and it’s challenging the very nature of our reality. This revolution, provoked by validated, paradigm-shattering scientific research, provides the evidence that we are, in fact, the architects of our reality.

Newton’s mechanical view of the universe sees the smallest particles of our world as just things. If the world is made up of things, of course we can’t affect those things with our beliefs. However, quantum physics looks at the universe quite differently, and we’ve recently discovered the following three very important piece of information:

1. Quantum energy can exist in two forms – waves and particles.

2. A quantum particle can be in more than one place at once and no matter how far apart they appear physically, they act as if still connected.

3. Quantum particles are not limited to past, present, and future.

Why is this relevant to you and your illness? Because if quantum particles can do miraculous things that defy the “laws” of science as we know them, and we’re made of quantum particles, then WE can do miraculous things as well.

As Gregg Braden says in his book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief [affiliate link]:

Scientists have shown that while we may think that we’re only observing our world, in fact it’s impossible for us to simply “watch” anything. Whether our attention is focused on a quantum particle during a laboratory experiment or anything else – from the healing of our bodies to the success of our careers and relationships – we have expectations and beliefs about what we’re watching. Sometimes we’re consciously aware of these preconceptions, but often we’re not. It’s these inner experiences that become part of what we’re focused on. By “watching,” we become part of what we’re watching.

In the words of Wheeler, that makes us all “participators.” The reason? When we focus our attention on a given place in a moment of time, we involve our consciousness. And in the vast field of consciousness, it appears that there’s no clear boundary that tells us where we stop and the rest of the universe begins. When we think of the world in this way, it becomes clear why the ancients believed that everything is connected. As energy, it is.

As scientists continue to explore just what it means to be participators, new evidence points to an inescapable conclusion: that we live in an interactive reality where we change the world around us by changing what happens inside of us while we’re watching – that is, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

So, if our beliefs hold so much power, where do they come from and what if our beliefs are wrong? What if we’re more than we’ve been taught to believe? What if our powerlessness and hopelessness in the face of disease is simply based on a limiting belief we inherited from our family, our culture, our science, our past?

Before we go any further, then, ask yourself this: Are you willing to accept the scientifically proven relationship between reality and belief and the responsibility that comes with this power? The responsibility to heal yourself?

This was Part 1 in a 5-part series. To be continued in Part 2…

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