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Organic Food, Acupuncture For MS, and Pressure Cooker Pork

Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am
Remember when organic fruits and veggies hit the scene, grapes were $5, a piece! The cost of everything was through the roof. Organics were only offered at specialty stores, and they were hard to find. Things have changed, got a 3 lb. bag of store brand organic apples at Safeway for 5 bucks! Some pretty cool enterprises have popped up, not only selling organic, but local as well. Friends of ours have done just that, started their own CSA, Rousedale Farm, check it out!

Acupuncture. Any thoughts? The National MS Society says it may work, but there haven't been any studies,so they don't know? My Neuro does it, but doesn't seem confident it would do anything for the MS. No disrespect intended, but I need an old Chinese dude! The Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years, either they are easily fooled, or the stuff works. One of my cousins is sending me info, I have about 3,000, comes in handy! Let me know what you think.

Having a pork roast tonight, cooking it in the pressure cooker. I love the pressure cooker, reminds me of my grandmother, in fact, I have her old one, don't use it anymore, but I do have it. Honestly, I don't remember what she made in it, I just remember being mesmerized at that rocking, hissing pot she would smack with a big knife to make seal. I always thought how cool it would be if it blew up! Not for anyone to get hurt, but how cool a story would that be? Dude, what happened to your house? Oh, dinner blew up!
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