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Oral Medication

Posted Sep 14 2010 12:00am
I've mentioned oral medication before and I've been investigating it because of my desire to discontinue taking shots.
I strongly believe the shots are my savior because since I've been taking them on a regular basis, I would never know that I have M.S.
As I've said before, I really dread the pain of the needles and if there's an alternative, I'm all for it.
There are two oral medications that I am aware of....Fingolimod and Cladribine.
Cladribine will be produced by Merck, who also produces Rebif....the shots I'm currently taking, so I guess when the oral medication is on the market, that will be my medication of choice.
I see plenty of literature on the medications and indications that they will be out soon, but there isn't a firm date as to when. I will continue to research and if there's anyone with any additional information or if anyone discover something new in regards to oral medication for M.S., please reply to this comment.
In future postings, I will give some detailed information about both medications and if there are any other oral medications that may be out there!
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