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One of Those Days

Posted Jan 25 2010 5:10am
It's raining. Ugh. smells like spring which is wonderful. Too bad it's only January and spring is not actually here.

To top it off, My. Feet. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy. Today. I feel like I'm spinning in circles trying to figure out how to stop the sensations that are absolutely driving me batty. The vibrations are intense today, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to alleviate them. I stand up, and the vibrations go all the way up both legs. If I sit, the vibrations get stronger, but stay in just my feet and ankles. If I put my feet up, then the vibrations are in both my feet and lower legs. I can't win. I think they would feel better if I just started sawing them off with a dull knife. Like I said, one of those days.

Last week I started a course of oral Prednisone. The amantadine seemed to help somewhat, so the doc decided that rather than do a full course of IVSM she would have me do oral Prednisone. And instead of the normal 1000mg dose per day followed by the taper, we are just doing the taper. Anyone heard of that? I started taking 60 mg a day x 4 days, then down to 40 mg per day x 4 days, which I'm at now. And I continue to taper down for the next week or so I think. I know it takes a bit for the Prednisone to work, but I actually started feeling better the day I started taking it. I'm sure that it wasn't the Prednisone itself working already, but maybe the amantadine. Then yesterday things started acting up again. Legs hurting, tired, arms "disappearing", then this morning the feet thing which is totally driving me bonkers.

Enough of that already. No more belly-aching.

Today I hope to get a few things accomplished before the exhaustion settles in. We are still working on finishing our new bedroom. Yesterday Brian hung the drywall on the interior of the closet, so today I am going to finish up the walls. We decided to leave the closet open, no doors, to make the bedroom look more open. We talked of putting up a cedar plank lining, but I don't want to spend that much money on it, so I'm going to wallpaper it instead. I already have wallpaper that will look great in there, so no sense in spending the money for something different. I always pick up rolls of wallpaper when we go to yard sales, so I always have a variety to choose from. Wallpapering is my goal today, and I'm sticking to it.
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