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Oh appointments

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm
I taught today and of course in the back of my mind was doctors and MRIs. I made the decision last week to tell my cooperating teacher what was going on MS wise. I haven't planned on telling her, but I guess my reasoning behind that was that if its not bothering me, why do I need to put it out there. I didn't want her worrying about giving me to much work, or over stressing me...ect. Since I haven't been feeling so great I decided that I would let her know what was going on.

I told her what was going on and of course she had a ton of questions...we talked for a good 40-50 minutes about it. I felt so bad because I kept trying to explain things and she just sat there and looked as if she was going to cry, and she couldn't believe how much I had been through...It;s weird to see other peoples reactions to things like that, but she is surprised about how positive I am about everything but I keep telling her that you have to be, its no good to sit and sulk ( as much as I want to sometimes) but you have to keep pushing forward.

I'm glad she knows just so she realizes that when I kinda have problems saying things and getting my thoughts out she at least knows why. I told her today that I was expecting two phone calls to schedule appointments and she was totally ok with me making calls during lunch to get everything straightened out.

My neuros office called and left a message that said I could be seen Thursday at 10 or 10:30...ok so I try not to be a difficult patient but Thursday is a bad bad day for appointments. At 10:45- 12:45 I am being observed while I teach a class by my professor at college...I HAVE to be there, so I called the office back to reschedule, I told them any other time I could do but that time...the secretary responded harshly with " You need to be seen ASAP, this is your appointment either take it or not"...I was thrown back a bit, but once again explained my situation and she responded with " The next appointment available is in January" that point I said I would have to find a new doctor, and before I could finish my sentence she spit out " How about Monday at 3:30"... Talk about irritating...

The MRI place also called and scheduled a appointment Thursday at either 12 or I called back and explained my situation and the woman on the phone rescheduled me very politely for Friday at 11:30...I couldn't believe the difference in phone calls...I have to leave school early but my cooperating teacher keeps reminding me that my health is more important than watching her teach a lesson...I still feel guilty...but oh well I guess, I am really thankful that she is so understanding.

My symptoms have kinda leveled off, everything is still off, fogginess,balance and coordination are a bit off, fatigue is at a all time high, I have a horrible headache, I have noticed slurring words...teenagers will pick you apart for that but in my head it sounds right but you see the looks on kids faces and they are like "huh?" but yeah its just frusterating, and my legs throb ( I am not sure what that one is about, but OMG the thought of moving makes my body hurt)...

Anyways, off to bed, I am dead...hello 9:40 bedtime...
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