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Nursing a Non-Typical Hangover

Posted Nov 09 2008 10:05pm

Friday marked Tysabri infusion number six.   Today, 39.5 hours after that infusion, as I lay on the top of my bed under a warm blanket, I’m looking back at my progress.   With each infusion, the post-infusion “mook-a-mook” seems to allay just a bit.   But I still experience what I like to call a Tysabri hangover after each treatment.   A hangover without all the fun that usually precedes one. (Who says life is fair)?

Yesterday I managed to make it through an outdoor football game – three, long hours, in 40 degree weather just 17 hours after the completion of my infusion.   My hand, where the IV line was inserted, was black and blue.  My winter gloves helped cover the ugliness. The game was complete with crisp winds and metal bleachers, that lengthy walk up and down the steps on multiple occasions, and my winter boots (not without ridicule from the hubby) to keep my toes relatively numb-free.   Yes I ached, especially as the game came to a close.   I carried my Advil with me and it sat side-by-side with my Pepto Bismol just in case.   I put on a face, a giant smile, and I worked diligently to get into the game.   Each time we’d score I was reminded of my “hangover”.   My muscles ached and moved slowly as I reacted to the excitement and tried to jump up and down with the other 3,000+ game day spectators.  It was worth it though as we proceeded to land ourselves a blow out, one that just might help us make it into the national NCAA Division II playoffs.

By the time we arrived back home and I thawed out by the fireplace, the headache came to visit with a vengeance.   My tummy began to ache – the kind of ache you have as a child – the kind that’s hard to describe when mommy asks, “What hurts?”.   I was asleep before nine.    I woke with a continuing headache today and my tummy is still tired and sore.   It’s quite simple – I feel like I have the flu.   (Isn’t this what Avonex and Betaseron patients feel like either weekly or multiple times each week)? 

The hubby reminded me that this is “normal” now.   I’ll feel much better by tomorrow.   I revisited my previous thoughts oftrading 2 for 28.   The hubby whipped me up a poached egg on toast, complete with Provolone cheese (Sunshine’s cure for any hangover).   I’m snuggling in for a day of taped movies and old “House” episodes.   Isn’t that how folks usually try to rest off a hangover?

Not all Tysabri patients suffer from post-infusion jet lag.   That’s no surprise though since this disease lives with its own mantra: No two M.S. patients are the same.   My guess is that no two Tysabri patients are either.  

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