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Newly Diagnosed

Posted Jul 23 2009 9:06pm
To all my fellowMS'ers!!!
I don't even know where to begin with
expressing how sorry I am that you have
joined the MS world.

First, I'd like to say. I know that there are
going to be many times in your life that
you will feel alone but you're NOT.

I also would like to say that it is OK to
feel the emotions that are going through
your head. However, know that these
emotions will pass. You will have GOOD
days and then you will also have Bad
even VERY BAD Days.How you handle
this is....You learn to treasure
your good days.
Helpful Tips and Ideas
It is so important to have as much support
as possible to make coping with this
disease easier for you.

1) Journaling - Keeping a journal does not
mean you have to spend hours writing
your every moment of the day. Your
journal is basically a way to track your
symptoms. By tracking your symptoms
you may find that there is a pattern to
what triggers them. This will help you and
your Doctor.
It was suggested by another visitor to this
site that even using a calendar and
making codes for your symptoms.
F = fatigue,
S= spasms,
BV = blurred vision

2) Find GOOD Support!!! I can't express
this enough. Join a MS Support Group
either in your local area or online. It is so
important to talk to others with MS
because you learn so much about how to
handle certain symptoms, research that is
going on, and most importantly... You get
a lot of Loving and Caring support from
people that have experienced what you
have going on. I have found a great site it
is calledMS WORLD
I know there are many other online
support groups but this is a great place to

3)Another good thing to do is have and
carry a medical card with you that has
your name, emergency contacts, Your
medical conditions. All medicines and
amounts you are taking and list how often
you take them. (Include your shots). Also
list any allergies. Keep one in your wallet,
one in your car, and give to your
emergency contact person. Besides the
obvious reasons, there will be many times
you are asked what medications you are
on and with the cognitive problems we
tend to have...You can whip out that card
and give it to them. To the left I did find a
free online emergency medical card link.

4) Keep a binder with folders in it and a
notebook. Keep one folder for referrals.
Another folder for any medical records.
Another one for clippings and articles you
may find of interest to you. Keep a clear
sleeve in it for Receipts of prescriptions
and co-pays. And of course your
notebook is for questions and answers for
your Doctor.

* hint*If writing is a problem add a small
*hint*I found that when I have trouble
gripping things, get a very fat pen with a
*hint*I also have found that when gripping
things is a problem (I have broken many
dishes). My Mom went to the store and
found me rubber gloves with knubs on the
finger tips so it was easier to grip. I
believe she went to Menards or Home
Depot and went into the garden section.
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