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New to MS, need some help with living with MS...

Posted by diego.cardenas

They have just confirmed me what I suspected I do have MS, I don't think I quite assimilated the fact, plus I have not spoken to my doctor about it I just got the result from the IRM, I'm really confused and don't know what's right, what can I do about it, what precautions to take, I would really apreciate some advice!

Sincerely thankful.


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My name is Tara! I just came across your posting and saw that it was paost back in April of 2010. I wanted to see how you are doing now and how your MS has been. I want to extend a hand to you to help you in any way that I can if you ever need someone to talk to or have more questions. I am sorry that nobody saw this question earlier to help you when you needed it most. 

Your MS'er Friend!


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