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New MS Symptoms

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:05pm
I came home from work early yesterday because it was slow and my boss/friend new I have been having troubles again so he wanted to give me a break.

I came home and took a nap and when I woke up my vision was very messed up. I couldn't focus on anything especially words. I didn't realize how bad it was until I went to take my fish "Miss Charlie Pooh" down stairs to clean her tank. She is a Beta fish so she is in a very small tank. I was walking and not able to focus on the door and the floor, tripped. T plastic tank she is in broke and shattered every where. I of course let all the water and tank go as I tried very hard to find her. I saw something move so I knew it was her. I picked her up and as quickly as I could... I made my way down the hall and down the stairs to find some water to put her in. Luckily we have well water so I don't have to worry about chlorine. I got her safely in a cup and had to put her in the bathroom so the cats couldn't get her. My daughter and her boyfriend just made it home and oddly enough they went and bought a hamster. Their BABY!!! Glad its a hamster and not a real baby! Anyways they took me to Walmart and we found a new tank. Came home and got it ready and then put her in. Miss Charlie Pooh is a happy fish again.

Anyways the other symptom that started yesterday is swallowing problems. Weird but true. 3 different times I would swallow or try drinking..I couldn't swallow correctly and then started choking. One time with a mouth full of lemonade.

I went to bed and woke up this morning and my vision is still not all the way right but not as bad (Still blurry) but I went downstairs to pour myself some coffee and when I started drinking...Again trouble swallowing choked and coffee went all over my shirt. After a little while I tried drinking again and now it is fine. It is like last night... Comes and goes.

Now here is the thing... I am not stressed (As for my kids leaving this week. I am just pretending they are going to Wisconsin (driving)for a week w/ their Grandparents. Since I am not taking them to the "place" to get on a "thing" to take them up high into the sky and to a State far away.) Then I am not stressing about it. Work is going good so no stress there, bills are sort of paid so no stress there. It has not been hot so no reason for problems. I don't understandit. How can I be having very bad muscle spasms, leg numbness and pain, vision problems, bowel problems and now swallowing problems? There shouldn't be a reason for this crap to be happening.

I know that I have MS... So for those of you thinking have MS!! I realize that but I have never ever had my MS act up for NO reason at all. It has always been triggered by something. Heat, Cold, Stress, Sick, Overdoing it and I think that sums it up. So why is it acting up all on it's own????

I have been taking vitamins, taking my medications, taking my shots, not working many hours and taking naps... So why is this happening???

Still looking for more topics for this weeks POLLS! Please send me some more ideas!!!
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