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Nature, Nurture

Posted Sep 11 2012 10:54am
I'm going to start off with a breast problem--mine. I have rather large breasts and, because of my age, they hang down on my chest. Four times in the last two years, I've gotten a yeast infection on the breasts and under the breasts. It starts out as a red, raised rash that hurts like a SOB. Two days later, the itching begins. The itching nearly drives me insane. I saw my doctor yesterday for this. He's put me on a pill--antibiotic--that actually sends the medicine out through the sweat glands. I thought that was truly amazing. I'm also using Lotrimin cream twice daily and baby powder with cornstarch instead of talc in between. 
I had a discussion with him about having a breast reduction, as the weight of my breasts causes backaches. He has referred me to a plastic surgeon. We'll see how it goes, if Medicare will cover part of the surgery or not.
Monty, my sweet service dog and friend, is slowing down. He's a senior now. I don't let him take naps with me in the bed anymore because I don't want him jumping off the bed. He has arthritis in his shoulder joints, and is on two OsteoBiflex a day. Before the meds, he was limping a lot. 
He can still run, especially when we play 'hide the carrots'. There are days when he just wants to lay around the house, and so we let him. I still call him to my side when I go to the bathroom, or have cleaning to do. He likes to lay in the sun every day, which I think helps his joint pain. We're planning on getting something that he can walk down instead of letting him jump out of the car.
We were walking him on the Greenway next to the river when I spotted a great blue heron. It was not more than 20 feet away from us. It stood there in the water for awhile, then it took off and flew over the water, hunting for food. I've never seen one so close before. It was truly awesome.
MS has been kicking my butt. My arms and legs are very weak. I use my Rollator when we are out, and sit on it when I can't walk anymore to rest. A friend compared his brain to a black hole. I love the thought of things going in but never coming out..yet I hate the idea that that's what it's coming to.
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