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My Mom-The Biker Chick

Posted Apr 30 2009 2:29pm
Yesterday after the kids got home from school, we went and picked up my mom and drove her about an hour away to pick up her motorcycle. Mom and dad each bought one last summer. A few weeks ago, I brought dad to pick his up from getting a new windshield and saddle bags put on, and last night did the same for mom. I have to laugh because some people see her on her motorcycle and call her a "biker chick". I remember when we were little kids they had motorcycles and took us for rides often, then they sold them. Last year they decided to enjoy themselves a bit and splurge to get new ones. Everytime someone sees mom on her bike, they have a comment to say. And it's usually a good one--"Wow, your mom rocks!" I think it's great that mom and dad found something they love to do. They will take off in the mornings on a nice day and spent the day just out cruising around. And where they end up? Who knows. I don't think they even know. Mom has never been one to let life pass her by, and even now, older, MS, and exhauseted all the time, she keeps right on going. She walks several miles per day, even when she feels to tired. She is my inspiration. MS is starting to get her a bit. Her legs are starting to bother her and her eyesight is starting to be affected, along with fatigue, yet she keeps on keeping on!

This morning my daughter had to be to school a little earlier than normal because she had to meet with her chorus teacher. Megan loves to write songs. She'll just sit down with pen and paper, but words down and turn them into song lyrics. The chorus teacher wants to meet with her about putting some of her lyrics to music to be sung at May's chorus concert! I'm amazed! She's in fourth grade, and someone has already recognized her talent. Megan is over the moon with excitement. I can't wait to hear how it went when she gets home today.

I started a new exercise routine last week. I try to get out and walk every morning, or we take bike rides in the evening together. I'm noticing an mprovement in my moods. So now I must head out for todays walk, then get to busting my butt on more schoolwork.

Take care!
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