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Multiple Sclerosis Versus Immune System

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:05pm

Multiple Sclerosis Versus Immune System????
OK... So I woke up from a nap on Friday And my vision was bad along with my swallowing. I know these can be normal MS symptoms. Not normal for me but in general. My vision stayed bad until Monday. On Monday my vision started to get better but my throat felt as though I had a rock in it. In the morning my eyes were puffy and 2 white spots on the back of my throat on right side. As the day progressed I was feeling worse. I left work (because my Boss is Awesome and understanding) and I went to the lab to have my blood work done that my Doctor had asked for after my physical last week. Ya know the physical from hell. (If you don't know about it go back and read about it. I told them at the lab about my throat and they called my Doctor to see if they should still take the blood work. She said yes and she said that the blood work would show what was going on if not she was going to send me to an Ophthalmologist and to the Neurologist for a fun round of steroids (which I would have fought that idea)

Then they called and said my Doctor wanted me to go back and have a throat culture just to rule out Step. I went back and had that done. I came home changed into my pj's and then another call that my blood work clotted up to fast and I needed to go back and have that done because it was the blood work for white and red cell count. So, I got dressed again had my daughter drive me back and had that done. By this time I thought for sure the throat culture was going to come back positive.

Liver enzyme test - Normal ( WOO HOO first time in 3 years that it was normal)

Throat culture - Normal

Blood work came back this morning and - Normal

How can this be? I have white spots all over my throat and I can't even swallow.
Last week when I went to my appointment from hell. I was running a temp. yet today sick as hell and no temp but having hot flashes and can barely stay awake but I have to because if I don't swallow at least every 10 seconds then it gets even worse. As today has gone on I now what sores in the corners of my mouth.

So the question is.... Can our white cell count be lower than normal because of our autoimmune disease and then when we get sick it elevates but only to what is considered normal???

Just like a normal temperature is 98.6 degrees but for me it is 97.6 degrees and when I went to my appointment from hell last week it was 99.0 degrees so the doctors didn't think anything of it....

I am so frustrated. My kids leave tomorrow and I actually am handling it ok at least for the moment maybe because I am so sick I could care less but I am not stressing or anything and trying to look forward to a some alone time. But now I am thinking I am going to be sick the whole time.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen or have any advice???
How can this happen?
Could it be true what I am thinking about our white count be lower than normal and then get higher when sick but only to what Doctors think is normal???
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