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Multiple Sclerosis Updates on Muscle Spasms and Magnesium

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:48pm

I haven't written any posts lately due to the fact that I have been going crazy trying to purchase all the kids back to school supplies. I love the lists we are given each year. There is always at least 1 item on each of the kids lists that makes you go on a wild goose chase to find it. You know what I am talking about. It could be a special kind of calculator, or a one of a kind color notebook, or even a red pen that are all bought up and nobody carries it at the moment. You go running from town to town to all the different stores and finally you find that one stupid 10cent item and you end up paying 8 dollars for just because you want to stop looking. This year we were on the wild chase for a purple folder and non-perforated notebooks. Just for fun the next time you are at the store see how long it takes you to find those items. And the moment you find it.... Somebody bumrushes you and snatches it up before you get it into your cart.


The heat has been horrible and of course the burning and prickling is going nuts and so is the leg pains. Not the normal ones it has been this hot, numb, burning and tingling pains from the middle of the thigh to the middle of the calf. You can walk but the middle of the legs feel like rubberbands that are burning you. It is a weird, annoying, and frustrating sensation. I have been working and it has been busy but the minute I get home I lay down, for what normally would be an 1.5 - 2 hour nap, and is now lasting 4-5 hours.

Magnesium and Muscle Spams - I switched to the Magnesium capsules from GNC. They are 400 mg each. I switched because the powdered tablets were difficult for me to swallow. Ihave noticed that if I faithfully take the Magnesium every day my muscle spasms and twitches are reduced considerably. I even went a week without needing my Baclofen 3 times a day. I dropped to 1 time a day. I also had dropped my Lyrica from 3 times a day to 1 -2 times. Now this last week of course as you learned from my post about a week ago. My hormones were at the peak due to my menstrual cycle and I needed more but I am coming to an end so we wil see if things go back to not needing the meds as often. And for those of you with the intestinal problems - The Magnesium capsules are helping with that also. Not perfect but helping. Of course I have my appointment with the specialist next Thursday and we will see what he has to say.

Polls- Just a reminder that thee is only 1 day left to vote on the polls for this week. I am also looking for new poll ideas. I have a couple that have been given to me but am looking for at least 2 more but always looking for future weeks. I know you must have questions you are curious about when it comes to MS. Throw those ideas this way and see how your Fellow MS'ers handle or deal with that issue.
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