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Multiple Sclerosis, Updates and More Updates

Posted Aug 04 2009 7:37pm
Where ever do I start?

UPDATE #1 Lisa you either are a mind reader or you have some insight as to how this happened. You posted a comment as to my throat problems and asked if it could be a yeast infection... I quickly responded NO WAY! I sat in agony all week and finally went into Urgent Care because I could not deal with it anymore. I have been so tired and not able to swallow which in return means no food. Well, within about 1 minute the doctor said yep it's a yeast infection and it is going all the way down through the esophagus. I asked how this could happen since I don't have a yeast infection and I am a germ a phob constantly washing my hands. And he responded that the Copaxone is an Immune Suppressor and it can cause a yeast infection. So my question is Linda, How or what would have made you guess that? I am still fighting it and some days it feels better and then the next day it is worse.

Update #2 My kids left Wednesday and are enjoying there vacation with Grandpa and Grandma. I have missed them but have felt so horrible that I am glad they have been gone so I can try to recoup.

Update #3 I have been taking the magnesium 250mg and I have noticed that my serious muscle spasms have dwindled down. So I am doing a test... Yesterday I had no muscle spasms so I did not need any baclofen. I usually take 3 tablets 3 times a day at 10 mg each. Granted I have been on the magnesium pills now about a week and a half. Today is still going strong and at this point no muscle spasms. Yes nerve pain that I take clonazapam and Lyrica but the spasms have really calmed down. I will keep you all posted as to how that goes.

Update #4 We are having a GREAT turn out on the Polls Of The Week and at the same time I/We have learned a lot about the different treatments and different subsidies and plans that are throughout the world. I really appreciate all the input and it has been very informative.

That is all for now. My bed is calling me to take my nap.
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