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Multiple Sclerosis, Random Acts of Kindness, Garden Growing, and Raindrop seems to be helping

Posted May 18 2009 11:34pm
Just about the time I want to a wall around my yard to keep humans out, people have to go an ruin it with random acts of kindness. Like I was saying, the girl had an accident the other day, wasn't hurt, but was pretty shaken up. Although the person that cut her off, and all the people that saw her take out the sign kept on going, 18 separate cars stopped to see if she was OK, 3 called 911, and countless slowed and gave her the thumbs up. It's those first few that kept going, or even swerved to go around her that I want to see end up on their roof, not hurt, just their car on its roof, spinning!

I got the last of my idiot tubs made today, had to go buy a new jigsaw to do it, my old craftsman died. I also got a flaring tool to connect the tubes for my framing system, it didn't work. Brussels sprouts are getting big, so are the squash. The eggplant is getting tall, but hasn't changed in shape much. My peppers are doing fantastic, all of them are doing nicely. My salad table is under performing, I think it may not be getting enough sun, I'll change that tomorrow. I'm making more soil tomorrow, and planting my mators, I can't wait to snack on golden cherries. We will be harvesting soon.

The raindrop is going well, I feel really good. I did more today then I have done in a while today, and made out great. I got up early, 8:30 or so, and set up having a new windshield put in the girls car. I took my 5 trash bags of aluminum cans to the recycle center, got a whopping $10.22! From my windfall I went and got a new prescription for my nutsy pills, there's been a problem with how many the insurance company will let me get, unless I have them deliver them, then I can have as much as I want! I have the 3rd treatment tomorrow, so I'm hoping to see more good days ahead, I hope it's the raindrop causing it, it does feel like it is, we shall see.
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