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Multiple Sclerosis, Meeting With Bioness, Travel Difficulties, and This Weather is Killing Me

Posted Apr 28 2009 1:38pm
I am impressed by the level of customer service I am receiving from the Bioness company. The representative that emailed me on Saturday did in fact call me on Monday, that alone puts a check next to their name. He asked me how I would like to handle the issues instead of telling me, nice touch. I had an appointment already scheduled with Dankmeyer, the place I got the stimulator from, the representative said he would check with his associate to see if she was available that day as he was already scheduled someplace else. Later the same day I received a call from her confirming she would be there to iron out any issues, swish! Like I said, either this is really good customer service, or they want me to stop whining on here, either way, I get what I need.

My mother had eye surgery today, it kills me I wasn't able to go down and be there. In the overall scope of things, this was a minor procedure compared to the things she has had in the past, but I still would have liked to have been there. Deep down I suppose I'm still a real momma's boy, but why wouldn't I be, she has always, unequivocally, been there for me. I hate MS for things like this. That 3 hour drive is no longer in my repertoire, more and more it's becoming obvious that driving is a short term project. As long as she knows I would have been there I suppose that is enough, it will have to be.

I have a tough time when the seasons change, not the emotional tough times some have, mine is physical. It takes me a few days to adjust as it gets warmer, or as it gets colder. This weather here in Maryland is killing me! As if I'm not lethargic enough, the constant changes in the weather is taking what energy that is left, leaving me a quivering, listless, numb, mass. EWWWWWWW! That was disgusting. It's 85 today, but will be 60 tomorrow, check please!
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