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Multiple Sclerosis, Leg Pain, and Those Crazy Water Main Guys

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:38am
I have had a blast today watching the city and county workers out front to fix the water main break. They got here about 8:30 this morning, broke up a piece of asphalt about 1 yard square around 10, then slept until lunch in their trucks. After lunch they looked at the hole for a few minutes, then got back in their trucks to sleep until they left at 2:30. The funny thing is, that's not what I called to complain about. I complained that they threw their trash out on the street before the left, bad form!

The night crew got out front about 3, they waited for the Miss-Utility guy to finish marking everything before they dug any hole. I don't understand why the utility company needs someone to tell them where the utilities are, but what are ya going to do? They dug a hole finally about 4, put a pump in, and pumped the hole out for 3 hours before they turned the water off! They went for dinner, took a nap, and are out looking at the hole right now. There were a total of 17 guys here at one point working in a hole big enough for one guy. Maybe that's why our water bill has gotten so expensive?

I had a neuro appointment, but they canceled on me, I'm trying not to take it personally. They rescheduled me for next week, so it's not that long a wait. One of the things I plan on asking is what I can do about my legs always hurting. I think I need a new chair to help with the pain, the ones I have aren't working. If I don't have the leg thingy up, my legs dangle, causing them to hurt. It's not always good for my lower back to have my legs up. I also need to figure a way to get up out of the chair easier. I have a small hitch I need to work past when standing up, that almost standing, almost sitting position. I need something to grab hold of, to either pull or push myself up.
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