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Multiple Sclerosis, Great Holiday Weekend, Wii Fit Age Test, and Apportioning My Stamina

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
What a great weekend we had! We had one half of the family here today for Easter dinner, and may I say it was delicious? We did some of it yesterday, some of it this afternoon after church. It was a very relaxing day, and the entire family played Wii for a while, getting our Wii ages, mine was 29, and it said I have great balance! Whaaaaa?

The girls went back to school tonight, but it was really nice having the daughters friend here with us. I suppose it was no big deal, but it was nice to be in a position to be able to extend the offer. It also made us feel good, like we were doing something nice. Maybe this will get us a pass with one of our kids, and someone will do something nice for them, just because they can.

I was going to fix my grandmothers Easter eggs, but we are going on a cruise in June, and I am already fighting a bad case of Merv Griffin body! Her eggs were the best in the world, especially the cherry vanilla cremes. I can remember sneaking down into her basement and stealing a slice off of one out of the fridge down there. I used to think it was quite a clever theft, but what did I think, she didn't notice the half eaten eggs?

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and I plan on doing my best to use my time to the fullest. I am going to pace myself, set goals, and not overdo it to the point of exhaustion. Sounds so easy, but I get going like JoJo the little dancing monkey, and before I know it, overdone! I have some things to plant in pots, some things to figure out, and if I'm smart, a nap to take before I fix dinner!
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